Nov. 10th, 2014

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They'd been back from Fandom for a while now, settling into life on their new planet, starting routines. As time went on and his comlink stopped ringing with anything but inconsequential, friendly conversations with friends and family, his dread of hearing back from the cloners on Kamino settled to the back of his head instead of being at the forefront of every thought.

When his comm went off on his walk back from the local market, he didn't even check for a name before answering it. "I got the tuna for dinner tonight," he said, laughing, "relax, Val, I didn't forget."

There was a slight pause, then a cultured, unfamiliar voice asked, "Master Skywalker?"

Ben felt his stomach clench.

"Yes, this is Ben." He didn't add his knee-jerk joke of Master Skywalker being his father.

"I'm calling from the cloning facility. We regret to inform you--"

The rest of the words washed over him in an incomprehensible wave of noise as Ben went numb, groceries scattering on the ground as he lost his grip on the bag. He had no idea how he finally got out of the conversation, or how he got back to the house, where he closed the door with infinite care. He felt like the least amount of noise would shatter the fragile calm he'd wrapped himself in.

He didn't call out to tell Ender he was back, choosing instead to curl himself up on the couch, clutching a pillow tightly and staring off into space. Talking was too much of an effort right now.

[OOC: This is going to get ouchy, folks.]


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