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Ben was settling back into life on Hijra--the busy markets, the gossip he'd missed out on (the carpet dealer had been picked up for fleecing customers)--and starting to wind up some of their life here as Ender looked into the ships available to take them to their next adventure.

For now, Ben was happy to go on his daily runs and return with pastries and weird fruit he didn't recognize.

"Kreetle? Val? I'm back!" he called to the house as he put his purchases into the kitchen.
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The weather was calling for thunderstorms later in the afternoon, so Ben came down to the beach to soak up some sun (through his heavy layer of SPF 8 billion) and some warmth, as well as give him a bit of time to think.

The fertility clinic had been informative and it had taken him a few days to process the idea that having children was a real, permanent thing he and Ender were thinking of and to stop freaking out, but he was still spending more time at the gym and more time running on the beach--more time alone--than he had in a while.

He was an only child--one born in the middle of a war at great physical cost to his mother--and his cousins had all been the same. Deep inside him was an idea that having children meant borrowing trouble. It was completely illogical, but it wasn't something he could easily shake, either.

Thus staring at the waves as they crashed into the shoreline, trying to find a bit of meditative peace.

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After an exhausting morning of pouncing on a sunbeam and destroying the box of tissues in the bathroom, Ben-the-kitty curled up on top of Ender-the-komodo-dragon's head and took a nice long nap, which would have been fine if he hadn't turned back into a very naked 23-year-old man halfway through it.


Eloquent, Ben.
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It wasn't warm enough to go swimming, and Ender flat-out refused to go with Ben to see the movie with the badass assassin and his friend in the spangly outfit one more time, so Ben had picked up food for a picnic and enough sunblock to cover a bantha and headed out to the beach for a picnic.

It was still too cool to go swimming, but the sound of the waves was soothing.

He laid back on the blanket he'd brought and let out a satisfied sigh. "This is nice."

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After a few hours down on the beach, Ben was ready to come back, apply some aloe to the spots he'd missed with the sunblock, and watch a movie.

He frowned hard as he flipped channels. "There's nothing but Space Battles on," he complained. "Maybe you can make it do something else."

What the kark, Fandom. What the kark.
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Ben was catching up on emails from home--news about the Sith, the latest gossip from Jag and Jaina's corner of the galaxy and whatever Allana had gotten herself up to while being unsupervised (there was a lot of "it'd seemed like a good idea!!!" in her correspondence)--and then poking around scientific journals about advancements in reproductive technology.

You know. For no real reason. Cough.

He drank tea and really missed having those yummy red fruits around. He'd need to ask when they came back the next time he went to the market.
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It had taken time for Ben to get over himself regarding Alai's existence on the planet, but they'd managed to settle into a routine and Alai was hardly a permanent fixture in the house and so Ben had gradually relaxed.

He was coming into the house with a bag full of the red fruits he and Ender had loved (the lady running the stall had warned them that the season for them was coming to an end, so Ben had bought all the ones she'd had left) and could already smell coffee brewing.

Saturday mornings were pretty great here, he had to admit. "Andrew?"
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After saying their final goodbyes to Ender's parents before getting to Ganges, there wasn't really much point to staying awake between stops, and so all three of them went into stasis for the duration of the flight between Ganges and Hijra, a planet they'd picked for its relative obscurity, warm, dry climate, and sand (but not too much sand, Ben had been sure to check. He hadn't come all this way to end up on another Tatooine. There was obscure and there was "furthest star from anything.") Besides, after their trip back to Kaeleer, Ben hadn't exactly been anxious to be alone with his thoughts for much time.

He'd memorized what little information had changed about their new home planet: very quiet, minimal interference from Earth's government (which was now a few generations past Peter's time, and that was a little hard to get used to), made up primarily of Earth immigrants from the Middle East, and Northern and Central parts of Africa. They'd been drawn to the heat as much as Ben had been. With all of his possessions in the duffel over his shoulder, he stepped down out of the shuttle and took his first breath of non-recycled air in six months. "Sure is hot," he said, tilting his head up to the sun. "Feels good. Where's our house again?"
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Ben had disappeared in the Force almost immediately upon arriving back on their ship so the other him wouldn't know he existed, but he'd never kept the wall up for this long a period of time and it, added to the general stress of just waiting for a younger Ender to get beat up, was starting to really wear on him.

He was walking around the ship for his tenth or eleventh lap that day when he felt it--the tiny shock of pain from a couple thousand kilometers away from a person he'd both never met and knew better than he knew himself. He leaned against the nearest wall and began taking deep breaths in through his mouth and out through his nose, trying to calm down without drawing on the Force for it.

"Kuso," he whimpered, squeezing his eyes closed but not willing to cut off contact, to feel in a diluted way a bit of what Ender had felt. It felt like the very least he could do right now--to bear witness to what was happening, even without being there.
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Ben and Ender had gotten back from Karla's coronation with just enough time to restock the fridge and give the house a cleaning before Ben's father was scheduled to arrive.

He'd now been with them for a few days and was now sitting on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and catching them up on the latest news from home. "In conclusion," he said, blue eyes sparkling, "the Masters were grateful to be rid of me for a while. I think I've been driving them barvy by being stuck so long on Ossus."

"Give us a few more months," Ben said, "and we'll have an entirely new planet for you to explore." Assuming the portals reconnected the same way, but Ben wasn't going to bring that up.
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Ben was carefully trimming his beard in the bathroom mirror, looking at his reflection critically.

"I don't look like a deranged muskrat yet, right, kreetle?" he called out.
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Ben'd had a long day in the vineyards pulling weeds and yelling at bugs and wondering if the leaves were supposed to be turning that color or maybe he was just not cut out to be a gardener. He needed a large glass of water and a bath in the worst way.

He opened the door, then checked his chrono and yelled, "Ender? You home yet?"

If not, he could grab a bath without meeting Ender looking like he'd fought a dirt monster and lost...
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Ben was doing pretty well keeping everything together during the day by keeping himself insanely busy with workouts and tinkering and other make-work to keep his mind from dwelling on Anakin and all of the other stuff that his cousin's death had dredged up.

But when he returned home, he ordered comfort food from room service (they were going to run out of chocolate milkshakes and grilled cheese soon) and flipped aimlessly through the channels like he had when he'd been an insomniac in freshman and sophomore years.

Food television or bad science fiction movie? The possibilities were endless.

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Ben had been working on a mouse droid to keep his mind occupied when he felt it: the familiar, stomach clenching vacuum in the Force of someone who should be there not existing any longer.

And even though he'd known it was coming, even though he'd grown up knowing it would happen, even though he'd said his goodbyes, that empty feeling was a shock all over again.




He curled into a ball, rested his head on knees, and wept.

He'd be there for a while.
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Ben had been taking a nice, hot shower--a big treat for a human.

Not so much for a cat, which he turned into halfway through his shower with a surprised hiss.

One wet, pissed off kitty in the bathroom for lucky, lucky Ender to deal with...
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It was a restaurant without high chairs, shrieking kids or Val insisting on eating sushi.

It was quiet, relaxed and quiet.

When you had three children, quiet deserved a second mention.

"Happy Father's Day," Ben said, holding up his beer to Ender. "Glad we could celebrate it alone."
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Ben had been on hold with Portalocity for going on forty minutes now, getting passed from one customer service operator to another, then to a supervisor, then to a new department...

He was really beginning to hate the Macarena, which had already started out as a major contender for the worst hold music ever.

"I have a bad feeling about this," he said to Ender, and not for the first time. "I think they lost our reservations for tomorrow again."
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After finally getting sprung from the Travelocity yurt (and spending entirely to much time in a dimension where it was always Friday and the perky waitstaff insisted he and Ender eat allllll the fried things), Ben had made in back to the island in time to celebrate Tony's graduation with the guys in the way they knew best: going to a midnight showing of Platinum Guy 3 and then drinking too much.

The group had gotten older--not necessarily more mature, you know?

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Ben'd had a long day in the vineyard and was waiting for Ender to finish with his paperwork by eating pizza and skimming through the action movies of the last hundred years.

"Boring, boring, boring, pretty sure that guy's been cloned, boring, asteroid, really--another cop drama?--boring..."

It was distracting, at least?

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It was old habit that led Ben to sit on asking Ender "what the hell was that?" about their meeting with Cade, their frankly terrifying and surly grandson, what the hell what the hell what the hell, until they were tucked into bed together.

"Soo..." he began. "What the hell was that?"

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