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That awful smell, Ben realized, was probably him. It reminded him of sour nerf milk, with a hint of ash and mildew. His tongue lay in his mouth like a raw sausage, his left eye could barely open (thank you, Ender), and he generally felt sore and weak, with a throbbing, muddled head that made him feel like he'd died and just didn't realize it yet.

Which, Ben suddenly remembered, was a distinct possibility. He stared up into the red strobing of the control room's alarm lights, then glanced over at the IV drip bags he'd brought to hydrate himself. They'd been drained, which meant he'd been Mind Walking for much longer than just a day.

"Now I see why they'd rather die than return to their bodies," he gasped out after a couple of tries.

When no reply came, Ben looked over and found his father still lying motionless on his gurney, his gaze vacant and fixed on the ceiling.


Where there is introspection and then ass kicking. )

[OOC: And that's it for Abyss! Preplayed with the always amazing [ profile] endsthegame. Warnings for lightsabering with extreme prejudice. NFB, NFI, OOC is always welcomed.]
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They gathered in the Hidden One's throne chamber, four dozen Kel Dors and three humans. As the last of the Kel Dors, servants who operated the foundries, arrived, conversation dropped off and all the Kel Dors turned toward the Hidden One on his throne.

He gestured to the Skywalkers and Ender, motioning them to approach with a benevolent smile. "It's with a whole heart that I greet you. I understand that you have determined to choose new names, the better to make your way among us."

Ben barely restrained a snort. Despite his astral suggestions of names (his father was definitely a Grand Master Whango Mittphool in his heart), that was not really why the three humans were here.

"I'm sorry, great one," Luke replied, looking surprised. "There has been some misunderstanding. I did ask for a naming ceremony, but I didn't mean it would we will be renaming ourselves. It's my hope that we will be renaming some--or all--of you."

Exclamations of surprise and disapproval filled the room. Ben kept his face impassive but he was grinning on the inside. Much as he liked causing trouble, it was just as much fun watching his father do it. And the Hidden One had been asking for this.

"You have wasted my time," the Hidden One said darkly.

Luke shrugged. "What do the dead have except time? And admit it, as annoying as you find my words, this is going to be the most interesting event you're going to experience all day."

"Why are you doing this?" the Hidden One asked.

Luke turned serious. "Because you're wrong. And if you were only wronging yourself, that would not be so bad. But you are wronging every one of them as well." He gestured at the assembled Kel Dors. "You are a group who study and utilize the Force, yes?"

The Kel Dors looked between Luke and the Hidden One. "Yes," one replied.

"And the Force is the energy of life."

Another Kel Dor said, "Yes."

Luke gave the Hidden One an admonishing look. "Life is risk. Life is energy, vitality. But you've rejected those things, and in rejecting them, reject the Force. In rejecting the Force, you deprive yourself of the right to teach its ways to the living. You have brought nothing to these caverns but your own bodies, and even then you don't have the decency to start moldering like ordinary corpses."

Ben hoped that his father knew what he was doing as the Kel Dors began muttering angrily to themselves.

With a start like that, clearly things can only get worse. )
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After scaling the walls of the temple, the Jedi and Ender stood before the platform where Charsae Saal had said his goodbyes and tried to figure out the trick to the Baran Do sage's disappearance. "If we assume this is the means by which he vanished, there's probably a mechanism somewhere," Luke said thoughtfully. "If he triggered it himself, it was with the Force."

"We would have felt that," Ben pointed out, narrowing his eyes and moving his fingers along the edge of the platform. "Someone else must have helped."

Luke snapped his fingers and a portion of the top platform swung down, leaving a gap easily large enough for a good-sized human or a Kel Dor to fit through. "Shall we?"

"Masters first," Ben replied immediately.

They used the hook and line that Luke had kept on his belt for as long as Ben could remember, repelling 10 meters down a dark hole and found themselves in a storage chamber of some kind, standing on a hydraulic platform that, retracted as it was now, was almost at floor level, but when raised would go to the ceiling and the hidden entrance above.

"Pretty simple," Ben whispered before he and Ender followed Luke through a permacrete-lined corridor towards the living beings Ben could sense through the Force.

"Might as well barge in," Luke said, shrugging.

"They're Baran Do Sages," Ben agreed. "They're not going to try to kill people for prowling through their basement, I hope."

Skywalkers were amazing planners.

Breaking and Entering for Great Justice! )

[OOC: Taken from Aaron Allston's Outcast, then folded into origami cranes with the help of [ profile] endsthegame. NFB, NFI, and the guys are kind of incommunicado for, foreseeable future?]
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Ben followed the sound of Han's whooping and wasn’t surprised to see everyone he wanted to in the same place. He loitered in the doorway and watched as Jaina stood in the grass and concentrated hard enough to shatter a disk of lightsaber-proof beskar with her mind. He didn’t blame Han for being excited at all.

He's baaaack! )

[OOC: I swear I'm almost done. Dialogue snagged from Troy "Why Yes, I Might Hate All of These People" Denning's book Invincible. NFB, NFI. OOC is love.]
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Ben reached into his jacket to touch the forensics droid, and only half to prove to himself that it was still there. He was the only passenger on this civilian shuttle, and the pilots were chatty. Ben slouched in his chair and did his best to look angsty and teenaged.

It wasn’t working.

“You know I can only drop you at the trading base, right?” the pilot asked.

Ben rubbed at his jaw, surprised to realize that he needed to shave. Maybe that was why no one had called him kid in the last few days. He was starting to look as old as he felt. “That’s fine,” he said. “Someone’s meeting me.”

“Just checking,” the pilot replied. “I wouldn’t drop my worst enemy in that place. Ewoks. Savages. I’d shoot them all, to be honest.”

Cut for truly epic levels of teal dear-ness. )
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The ride towards Centerpoint Station was eventful in the way that only missions planned by Luke Skywalker and conducted by some of the most dangerous—and yes, a little bit crazy—people in the galaxy could be.

The plan was deceptively simple, and very Jedi: Let the enemy do the work. )

[OOC: Cut for ass-kicking, scenery chewing and more Skywalker family dysfunction. Dialogue adapted from Aaron Allston's Fury. NFB, NFI, void where prohibited, etc.]
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Ben’s shuttle touched down on Endor at the same time as another. As he trotted down the ramp, he smiled in recognition at the man disembarking from the ship next to him. “Doctor Seyah!” he said, holding out his hand. “I’m surprised you’re not dead or something.”

Ben’s diplomacy could still use some work.  )

[OOC: Dialogue, and the general awesomeness of Tycho, snurched from Aaron Allston's Fury. NFI, NFB, OOC is love.]


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