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Because I know I'll be looking for all of them to wonder just exactly what we'd been smoking, here's what Ben left for his friends, relatives, and people he mistakenly misdialed (with the rest of his idiot friends linked into the comments):



To Deadpool: Do you think you can get drunk by standing in a tank of vodka if it is seeping into your skin?

To Billy: i just sent this text using only my big toe

To Tony: careful of the bathroom.... theres some drunken ninja turtles in there....

To Peter: "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. I just tried calling my phone on my phone because I thought I lost my phone. Also Tony borrowed my pants. Long story."

To Steph: "Hey, do you think Topher would look better bald? Because I think so."

To Karla: I'll trade you a raw potato for some vodka
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Ben hated saying goodbye, and when it was to family it was even worse.

And when it was Jaina and she was so close in the timeline to where he'd been when he'd started school here, well, it wasn't much of a stretch to figure out why he'd called Tahiri to go out flying with him for a bit today.

Avoidance was a Skywalker trait, after all.

Besides, he and Ender would be heading back to Coruscant after his shift at Fixer-Uppers tomorrow. He might as well do something fun today befor a weekend full of extremely boring negotiations.

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Normally, Ben had a very defined routine on Mondays: run, lightsaber practice, classes, lunch with Ender, then an afternoon of either research or socializing.

Today he stuck to classes, and then returned immediately to the dorms without stopping for food. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to head down to the cabins again, and he felt safer in his own room at the moment.

...And its fascinating, fascinating ceiling. Which he'd been staring at for hours now.

But he was fine.

The door was firmly closed.
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Attention world: Ben Skywalker finally got his hair cut!

Newly shorn (not quite military short, but close) thanks to the people at the spa (where he rather vehemently turned down a massage, an eyebrow sculpting and a pedicure. The staff had discovered quickly how easy it was to make him blush), he was now back in his room tinkering with a couple of projects that he was thinking of turning into holiday gifts.

The door was wide open.
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Ben hadn't been able to shake a feeling of something being wrong, but he chalked it up to it being his birthday.

After classes and his weekly stop in to see Ender, he fielded comlink calls from his father, Aunt Leia and his Jaina, telling them all he'd see them next week, then curled up on his bed with Tahiri (who he was starting to despair of ever not being a cougar, and he was mentally running the odds of his father being more or less okay with him dating a cat versus a version of someone who'd tortured him), and tried to take a nap.

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Yesterday had been a very, very long day (no doubt made longer by how he hadn't gotten any sleep last night): lightsaber dueling and conversations he'd not wanted to have were exhausting, and even watching Face Loran make an absolute idiot of himself in old propaganda films hadn't been enough to restore his good mood.

Which was why after his class with Minsc, Ben had fled for the ice cream shop, and then some solitude.

He stirred his pint of vanilla into soup and watched the waves crash on the shore.

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An afternoon thinking he was a little girl had not been exactly what Ben had been planning, though the distraction had been kind of a relief.

...not that he'd admit that.

He was in his room, carefully examining his air vent to see how the gremlin had gotten in and looking to see if there was a way to discourage them from returning without breaking the terms of the treaty.

The door was open a crack.

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Ben didn't have classes on Tuesday, so he'd spent the entire day going through the forensic evidence of his mother's crime scene on his datapad, so focused on the task in front of him that he forgot his normal Tuesday routine.

The photos...were grim.

Which was why the door was very firmly shut.

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Ben returned to his room from his club activities just in time for his father to call. A shuttle would be picking him up Friday afternoon for an assignment to be explained when he arrived on Endor.

Ben sighed as he sat down on the floor. At least it was his father calling the shots--he was pretty sure that meant he wouldn't be assassinating anyone this trip home.

But he'd probably need his lightsaber.

He pulled the parts for the new hilt out from under his bed and began welding them together using nothing but the Force. If the weapon was going to be his, it had to be built the old-fashioned way.

And for Jedi, it didn't get more old-fashioned than this.

Ben was so focused on the weapon floating above his lap that he didn't realize he'd left the door cracked open.

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Ben was in his room, surrounded by several hundred pieces of electronics.

He'd tell you he was building a droid.

He was really keeping himself incredibly distracted.

The door was cracked open.

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Ben sat crosslegged in the middle of his floor, breathing in and out slowly as he worked through the process Jacen had given him to disappear completely in the Force.

Imagine all of the molecules of your body, he heard. The parts that make you Ben. The bubble that separates you from everyone else.

Now prick that bubble.

Ben pricked the bubble, losing all of his essential Ben-ness as he disappeared into the vastness of the Force. It was an amazing feeling--and something he knew his father hadn't figured out how to do.

He hadn't thought about how this might register for the other Force-users on campus.
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It had been a busy few days--meeting a fake sibling and a real cousin from another universe (and her boyfriend who was already less annoying than Zekk or Jag), and a friend who should be fourteen years older and a grandfather who should be dead...

...and that was before meeting a friend of a different version of his father, who had apparently been gremlin bait (whatever a gremlin was. Ben didn't plan to find out).

At least his roommate seemed normal. And Tony, Joan, Myn, Hurley, and Jess all seemed pretty astral (that one girl might eat shoes and bore closer investigation)--and had the added benefit of not knowing anything about Ben's insane family.

He propped the door open just in case anyone was wandering the halls, then went back to writing a report about what he'd seen here so far to Jacen.

In case Jacen had been wondering where he'd gone. Or noticed he was missing. Jacen was kind of hard to figure out sometimes.

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