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As the Rude Awakening sped onward, the fire-rimmed orbs ahead rapidly began to swell and drift apart, leaving the area between them webbed with blazing whorls of accretion gas. Against this brilliant backdrop, Ship also began to swell, growing from a propulsion halo the size of a dust mote to a dark sphere as large as Jaina’s thumb.

A constant stream of fire streaked back and forth between the two vessels, cannon bolts from the Awakening and plasma bulbs from Ship. Both vessels were taking the attacks dead center in the forward shields, making no attempt to evade. With the grasping hand of a black hole reaching from both sides of an ever-narrowing safe corridor, there was no room to maneuver or flee. Flying skill and combat training did not matter: pilots had one choice and one choice only: punch it out head-on.

And in that kind of fight, it was usually the pilot who attacked quickest and hardest who survived. Jaina checked the range and, seeing that the two vessels were closing in even faster than she thought, armed the Rude Awakening’s first missile. Jaina had chosen the Rude Awakening for good reason: it was a Void Jumper assault pinnace. That meant it could get in fast, evade detection, take a beating, and deliver a devastating attack. It was one of the most fearsome tactical combat vessels in the galaxy, designed to go head-to-head with a Mandalorian Bes’uliik and be the craft that emerged from the fireball. Jaina could not imagine any better combat transport to fly head-on against Ship—especially not after she had fitted the entire missile magazine with baradium warheads.

Talk about a rude awakening. Heh.

The targeting computer chimed once, announcing that the two crafts had closed to effective missile range. Jaina did not bother to try for a target-lock—Ship would defeat it anyway, and in this fight a quick attack was everything. She simply launched, then pulled the throttles back so the Awakening would not be inside the lethal radius when the baradium detonated. The blazing white disk of a thrust ring appeared in front of the cockpit then, as the missile streaked away, quickly shrank to a white dot. In the next instant a tiny gray dot appeared in front of the Awakening.

In an eyeblink, it expanded into the gray, oblong lump of one of Ship’s Force-hurled stones. Fighting the urge to dodge—a mistake that might well have carried them across a nearby event horizon—Jaina held the pinnace steady and thumbed the intercom pad on her control yoke.

“Brace for impact back there,” she said. “This one is going to take down our shields.”

This seems like an excellent time to go on a vision quest, doesn't it, Luke? )

Meanwhile, on Coruscant-- )

And on Abeloth's home planet, Ben gets a mouthful of tentacle. Seriously. It's nasty. )

Hooray, we won! What do we do with Vestara? )

[OOC: Troy Denning, THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH YOU. Warnings for torture, violence, and death. Played out with amazing [ profile] hoorayimrich, [ profile] life_inshadow, and [ profile] endsthegame. Done with the spamming for today!]
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Ben stood watching an old Bothan limp back and forth across the grimy floor of the undercity industrial hangar. The Bothan was addressing three brigades of elite space marines--a few faces among them ones that Petra had been looking for, not that Ben coud pick them out among the thousands--explaining why he had asked them to volunteer for a mission to overthrow the Galactic Alliance’s current Chief of State, Roki Kem. Their shoulder patches represented units from a hundred different vessels stationed near Coruscant, and they all had at least two things in common: they had all served aboard a ship personally commanded by Admiral Nek Bwua’tu, and when he had commed to ask them to help him save the Galactic Alliance, they had all answered with an unwavering yes.

“… the enemy has retreated into the Jedi Temple with seventy-five percent of its forces.” The admiral’s words seemed to reverberate from every corner of the hangar as a small mike in his tunic collar relayed his voice to a network of speakers spaced throughout the formation. “This withdrawal is certainly a trap, designed to lure our Jedi friends into an ambush against a superior Sith force …”

Luke turned to another Bothan standing at his side, Admiral Bwua’tu’s dapper uncle, Eramuth. “To tell the truth, Counselor, I’m not sure why you waited for the Jedi to return,” he said quietly. “Club Bwua’tu seems to have the war well in hand without us.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t figured that out by now, Master Skywalker,” Eramuth replied, maintaining a straight face. “We needed the cannon fodder.”

“Cannon fodder?” Luke echoed, almost taking the old Bothan seriously. “You couldn’t have hired Mandalorians?”

The Bothan shook his gray-furred head. “Of course,” he said. “But they didn’t manage very well the last time they tried to storm the Temple.”

“I see,” Luke said. “It’s nice to know you have more faith in the Jedi Order.”

“There’s that.” A crooked smile snaked along Eramuth’s muzzle, then he added, “And you do work for free.”

Luke activated the mike on his own collar and stepped to the admiral’s side. “First, I want to thank you all for volunteering for this mission. As Admiral Bwua’tu has explained, it’s not just the Jedi Temple we are liberating. The Lost Tribe of the Sith has infiltrated every level of the Galactic Alliance government, and our victory today will prevent them from achieving their goal of dominion over the entire galaxy. Your objective is to draw the Sith forces to the Temple’s outer shell. Once you have succeeded, I will be able to deactivate the Temple shields and open the blast doors from a central location. When that occurs, Admiral Bwua’tu expects the Sith to stand their ground and continue fighting. Assuming he’s correct, the Jedi will launch a series of attacks from the Temple interior, driving the enemy out onto the Temple exterior, where they will be exposed to fire from your assault carriers’ heavy weapons.”

Sensing a tide of uncertainty rising inside the minds of the veteran soldiers, Luke opened his palm and motioned for patience, acknowledging their questions before the first one could be asked. “If they don’t do as the admiral anticipates—”

Ben watched as a hand was raised among the crowd. Luke turned to him. “Yes?”

“How certain are you that you’ll be able to bring the shields down and open those blast doors?” a familiar voice that Ben couldn't quite place asked.

“Not as certain as I’d like to be,” Luke admitted. “But if the first attempt fails, we’ll keep trying.”

“Until?” The voice didn't sound especially pleased by this plan.

Luke grew somber. “Until we can’t anymore,” he said. “And if that happens, there’ll be a baradium strike.”

“After I call off the Temple assault, of course,” Bwua’tu clarified. “If I order a withdrawal, waste no time before obeying. We won’t be giving the enemy time to escape, so the missiles will be on the way as I speak.” The hangar reverberated with the crump of thousands of boot heels cracking together, and Bwua’tu nodded in satisfaction.

“Good.” The admiral turned to Luke, then said, “I think we’re ready to assign the liaisons.”

Luke began assigning Jedi Knights to the various batallions, skipping over Bazel Warv. Ben noticed immediately how Bazel's ears slumped in disappointment, and he moved closer to see what was going on, not realizing that Vestara was following him as well.

“Did I do something wrong, Master Skywalker?” Bazel asked in his gravelly voice. “I just want to—”

“You did nothing wrong.” Luke reached up and placed a hand on one of Bazel’s huge biceps. “But I’ve received a message from the Solos. They’re on their way here to see you. They need you to do something for Amelia."

“It must have something to do with the secret.”

Ben's heart rose into his throat. “Amelia’s secret?” he saw his father ask. “How did you find—”

“The other secret, Master Skywalker!” Bazel interrupted, shaking his big head from side to side. “Not her name!”

Luke looked as stunned as Ben felt. Bazel’s voice grew soft and he stared past Ben, straight at Vestara. “Master Skywalker, I can’t tell you right now.”

Ben watched the appraising look on Vestara's face and realized she'd heard everything. He was going to have to watch her very carefully. If she took the information of who Amelia--Allana--was back to the Sith who seemed downright obsessed with the idea of a prophesized Jedi Queen...

No. Ben'd had far too many relatives die young. If it came down to a choice between Allana and Vestara, there was no choice at all.

But first a call from Ender! )

It's a Troy Denning book. Cue the battle sequence! Warning for gross injuries of people you know. )
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That awful smell, Ben realized, was probably him. It reminded him of sour nerf milk, with a hint of ash and mildew. His tongue lay in his mouth like a raw sausage, his left eye could barely open (thank you, Ender), and he generally felt sore and weak, with a throbbing, muddled head that made him feel like he'd died and just didn't realize it yet.

Which, Ben suddenly remembered, was a distinct possibility. He stared up into the red strobing of the control room's alarm lights, then glanced over at the IV drip bags he'd brought to hydrate himself. They'd been drained, which meant he'd been Mind Walking for much longer than just a day.

"Now I see why they'd rather die than return to their bodies," he gasped out after a couple of tries.

When no reply came, Ben looked over and found his father still lying motionless on his gurney, his gaze vacant and fixed on the ceiling.


Where there is introspection and then ass kicking. )

[OOC: And that's it for Abyss! Preplayed with the always amazing [ profile] endsthegame. Warnings for lightsabering with extreme prejudice. NFB, NFI, OOC is always welcomed.]
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The repairs were finished on the ship, and Luke still hadn't returned from beyond shadows. Ben was returning from his daily trip to check on him (his dad's suck-nozzle kept shifting out of his mouth and he was getting pretty dehydrated), and had poked around some of the other ships looking for anything food-like.

The Mind Drinkers had made themselves at home as visitors in the Shadow and were going through provisions faster than Ben had thought possible. At this point, the first thing they'd have to do when they left the Maw was get more supplies. At the beginning it had been worth it to get them to feel comfortable and learn about how they'd ended up here, but Ben was getting uncomfortable with how comfortable two of them in particular--Rolund and Rhondi Tremaine--had gotten with just stopping by to talk to Ender for hours. And eating everything in sight.

Ben wasn't jealous. At all. Really.

And also shut up.

"Ender?" he called as he stepped aboard the ship again. "You around?"

Where Ben goes a little crazy. Maybe. A tad. )
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Reno's lecture in Rookiehood had brought up memories of decisions Ben had made that led to most of his sleepless nights, but he'd been able to push them to the back of his head.

They'd stayed there until he'd heard the instructions at the reserves that involved snipers. And on an intellectual level he knew that water pistols weren't nearly the same as the collapsable rifle he'd use to take Gejjen out, but logic wasn't really working on convincing his stomach to stopping flipping over right now.

So he sat on the beach with his eyes closed, concentrating on the sound of the waves and trying to find his inner balance again.

It could take a while.

[OOC: Sure, open. Beware the emo.]
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Yes, Ben knew about the zombies. Yes, Ben had probably had smarter ideas in his life. But he was fourteen, and hungry, and heavily armed, and had dragged Ender out with him, so he had backup.

And so they were going for ice cream, dammit.

[OOC: Zombies are so very welcome!, as is Ender. Heh.]
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Ben had missed the clarity that came from fighting something that wasn't somehow linked back to the reeking mess that his family had become.

These things...were just reeking messes. He planted his feet, ignited his lightsaber, and began storing away the insults the harpies were shrieking.

"This is going to be fun," he said, grinning over at Tahiri.

Ben had a strange idea of fun.

[OOC: For the small shoeless one!]
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The ride towards Centerpoint Station was eventful in the way that only missions planned by Luke Skywalker and conducted by some of the most dangerous—and yes, a little bit crazy—people in the galaxy could be.

The plan was deceptively simple, and very Jedi: Let the enemy do the work. )

[OOC: Cut for ass-kicking, scenery chewing and more Skywalker family dysfunction. Dialogue adapted from Aaron Allston's Fury. NFB, NFI, void where prohibited, etc.]
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Ben had spent the week it had taken them to arrive at Kashyyyk (when he wasn't trying to warn Jaina telepathically about what Jacen'd been planning for the academy) trying to talk Jacen out of attacking the Wookiee homeworld.

He wanted his cousin dead more than just about anything in his life, but he wasn't prepared to sacrifice the rest of his family to get it.

A squadron of new Owool Interceptors flew past the viewscreen on the bridge where Ben stood a half step behind Jacen and Commander Twizzl. "What a dismal showing," he commented. "If those Owools are all they have ready, there won't be a fight. Even the Wookiees aren't that crazy."

Oh, Ben. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is looooove. Dialogue snurched from Troy "If They Ain't Smoking, It Ain't Star Wars" Denning and his book Inferno. Warnings for violence and bad guy scenery-chewing.]
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After a few days laying low on Coruscant (if “laying low” also included a blistering lecture via comlink from his father about Why We Don’t Kill People With Lightsabers If We Are Trying to Be Stealthy), Ben borrowed a shuttle and went off to look for his cousin. As he expected, he found Jacen on the bridge of the Anakin Solo, staring out the viewport onto yet another battle scene. Clad all in black, with a long swirling cape, Jacen reminded Ben of a shorter version of their grandfather.

He was sure neither would be thrilled by the comparison.

Aides scurried around, making sure not to glance too long at Ben. They didn’t of them seemed surprised to see him, and no one offered a single word of greeting. Ben preferred it that way--it meant that Jacen was preparing to keep him around for a little bit, at least. If he was going to kill him immediately, Jacen’d be making more of an effort to put him as ease.

He imagined the lecture he would get from any one of his teachers for the cock-up he'd made of the Omas operation to keep himself properly contrite and embarrassed. Hopefully Jacen would assume it was also due to Ben being sorry about not being home to help his cousin ruin the galaxy.

The prickle at the back of Ben's neck warned him that he was being watched by something a little more potent than eyes, and the Force-nudge calling him closer to Jacen confirmed it.

Can this possibly end well? )

[OOC: NFB, NFI, dialogue still from “Inferno” by Troy “Jacen is a Tool y/y?” Denning]
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Ben tried to ignore the way his heart was pounding in his chest as he snuck down the hallway towards the rooms where deposed Chief of State Cal Omas was kept under house arrest.

He peeked through the door's window. He could see Omas slumped down in his desk chair, not looking much like a man planning to regain power. But appearances could be deceiving: Omas'd had no problem trying to undermine the Jedi Order, had seen nothing wrong with negotiating with the Corellian Prime Minister in a time of war...had talked about eliminating Jacen and Admiral Niathal...he was entirely capable of ordering the death of Mara Jade Skywalker.

Slipping into the apartment, Ben turned his attention to the attack droid standing next to Omas's desk: it was the same variety that had served as his nanny when he was a kid. Assuming that the droid had the same internal design as Nanna, he visualized the circuit breaker hidden under the neck armor and used the Force to trip it.

The lights in the droid’s eyes dimmed for a second, then the circuit breaker reset itself, and the droid turned its head towards the entrance alcove where Ben was hiding. "Blast!" he muttered, flipping the circuit breaker again. The droid reset itself again. "Double blast!"

As the droid aimed one of its many weapons at Ben, Ben began rolling out of the way and pulled the equivalent of a stun grenade for droids from his belt pouch--fingers slipping past other small explosives (thank you, Professor Durden) and drugs to knock out Omas (thank you, Professor Petrelli)--and threw it at the droid's chest.

Instead of shutting down like it was supposed to, the droid staggered around blindly, shooting up the room. So far everything was going wrong. Ben, hearing Professor Atreides' voice in his head lecturing about poor planning, leaped onto the droid, ignited his lightsaber and slashed down on the cannon arm. The shielding was so thick that his weapon only cut halfway through, and the droid staggered away, falling through a credenza with a deafening crash. Ben swung again, hitting the same spot on the droid and feeling the lightsaber cut deeper. The droid lashed out with its other arm, cuffing Ben across the head and flinging him into a wall.

Ben shook his head to stop the ringing in his ears as the droid lurched closer, then shot his lightsaber straight through the droid's chest, scrambling the processing core and dropping several hundred pounds of suddenly useless metal onto himself.

Could anything else go wrong? he thought as he unburied himself, only to be greeted by the business end of a blaster pistol.

Ben Skywalker, the worst spy since Sydney Bristow. )
[OOC: Dialogue snurched from "Inferno" by Troy "Rackin' Up the Body Count" Denning. Warnings for violence and gratuitous trauma inflicted on a 14-year-old character. NFB.]
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After about an hour of pacing the confines of his room, working on what he would say to his cousin, Ben finally locked the door, took a deep breath and called Jacen.

This should go well… )

[OOC: Conversation topic NFB. Dialogue snurched from "Inferno" by Troy "Icky Bug Guy" Denning. Preplayed with...myself. SHHH. I DO SO HAVE FRIENDS. Post open, door closed after the phone call.]
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Ben had barely taken two steps away from the shuttle ramp before someone's hand was on his shoulder.

He almost shrieked--he'd shut out everything else around him in an effort to discover if Jacen was on the planet or not--and realized he was staring into his mother's face, and something was terribly wrong.

"Mom! Who hit you?"

Was he too late already?

Wherein Ben gives Obi-Wan a run for title of exposition fairy )
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After Ben's midterm, he returned to his room and flopped on the bed. It'd been a few days since he'd gotten in some quality staring-at-the-ceiling time.

The essay he'd written had brought back all of the emotions and memories of the horrible day Lekauf died (and Gejjen, yes, but that didn't seem quite as painful), and now he couldn't get the images of his friend out of his head.

He wanted his family. He couldn't believe he was actually looking forward to seeing his mom and dad.

Which, of course, was when the comlink buzzed. )
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Even after seeing Jacen, Ben was holding himself responsible for Lekauf's death. If he had been faster, they wouldn't have needed a diversion.

He slipped into his room, carefully closing the door so he wouldn't wake up Wendy, and curled up on his bed.

He just wanted to disappear. He'd work on that Force technique Jacen had showed him that made him do that later. Something that felt like dying very, very slowly when he was in this kind of mood was just asking for trouble.
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Ben--his hair recently dyed brown so that the red didn't stick out in anyone's mind--pressed his face against the shuttle viewport to stare at the permacrete below.

It was daylight outside, but his body was still on Fandom time and telling him he needed more sleep. "This is the planet they chose?" he asked Lekauf. "It's so...ugh!"

Oh, Ben. )
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By the time Ben had arrived on Coruscant, the GAG officers who devoted their hours to sifting through thousands of days of communication among the highest ranking members of both governments (and somehow Ben had the feeling that the GA Chief of State Omas didn't know they had tagged his stuff, too) had figured out where Gejjen was going to pop up next.

Target acquired. )
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Well, leadership class had certainly been interesting, with a discussion of how to set up your own utopian society.

Ben decided he'd get Jacen's opinion on that if there was time at home. Somehow he didn't think the girls in his group would've been onboard with the whole "assassinate the other government's leader" concept, but then, they didn't quite understand what was going on at home.

That Ben didn't really either was kind of beside the point.

As for the conversation with his grandfather...ew. Just ew. There were now a whooooole lot of mental images he didn't need.

Ben trotted up the ramp of the shuttle, nodding gravely at the GAG officer who was flying it and strapped himself in.

It was a long flight to Coruscant.

[OOC: And Ben is gone for the weekend!]
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It had been a week since Ben had sent back his initial report to Jacen and he hadn't heard any kind of response from his cousin.

That was not a good sign.

After class was over, Ben slipped into his room, made sure Wendy wasn't around, then closed the door, activated his comlink and waited for Jacen to pick up.

Jacen wasn’t entirely pleased to see him. )

[OOC: Contents of conversation with Jacen NFB, door closed, post is open!]


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