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Skywalker Home, Naboo

"Happy birthday, Val!" Ben said, beaming at the baby, who was glowering at him from under her (frankly hilarious) pink and bedazzled birthday crown. Ben was hoping this would nip the "want to wear the Queen of Naboo's headdresses" thing right in the bud.

"Cake?" Val asked pointedly, looking from one dad to the other.
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"Both of us," Ender said, kissing him softly.
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"Happy our daughter's first birthday," Ender murmured. "We successfully got her through one year."
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Ender laughed softly. "I hope to be dead and buried with you by then," he said, "Some kind of spontaneous simultaneous death in our sleep."
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"When there's nothing more exciting left in the universe," Ender said, kissing him back softly.
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"Lucky for us we have time," Ender said softly.
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Ender laughed softly. "When you put it like that, we're almost an epic poem," he said, half-teasing.
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Ender laughed softly. "We're inspirational," he teased.