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2022-01-01 01:21 am
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Hey, you've reached Ben. I'm probably at the gym or Stark's or eating ice cream--shh, I don't want to hear about it, Ender and Karla--but I'll get back to you when I turn the comm back on if you leave a message!
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2017-09-25 10:12 am

Moctezuma [Let's call it Monday]

Ben was in the nursery putting final touches on the crib, Val watching his work very carefully.

"But I wanted a puppy," she finally said, frowning.

"You're going to have a little brother instead," Ben told her. "He'll be just as slobbery, I promise."

Val looked unconvinced. "That's not what I wanted a puppy for."
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2016-12-25 03:50 pm

Moctezuma, Christmas Day

After wishfully believing Val would let them sleep in after their trek to the local cathedral to celebrate Midnight Mass with the rest of their neighbors (yeah, no way. She was up at 5:30, just like every other morning), Ben was--in the spirit of the season--bringing Ender and Big Val giant mugs of coffee from the kitchen while Little Val gleefully made confetti from wrapping paper in the living room.

The house was smelling promisingly of pork and chicken tamales--they were trying to embrace the local traditions this year, and Ben was always in favor of experimenting with anything food related.

"Merry Christmas," he said, heading back into the living room levitating two coffee mugs in front of him as he held his own in his hand. Force powers were so handy.
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2016-08-21 02:49 pm

Ben, Ender & Val's hotel room [Sunday afternoon]

Ben stared at his daughter, sitting inside the suitcase he was trying to pack.

"Ice cream," she told him, narrowing her eyes.

"Packing first," Ben replied, crossing his arms.


"Ow," Ben said, holding his hands over his ears.

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2016-05-26 11:20 am
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Milliways, Thursday evening

Ben had been to some stupidly decadent restaurants (being the son of Luke Skywalker had its privileges), but this one blew even those most ridiculous on Coruscant out of the water.

"This is barvy," he muttered to Ender as their waiter led them to their table. "Look at all of the people here. And...other beings...of course."

Ben hadn't been knocked so completely off-stride in years.

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2016-05-06 08:18 pm

Skywalker Home, Naboo

"Happy birthday, Val!" Ben said, beaming at the baby, who was glowering at him from under her (frankly hilarious) pink and bedazzled birthday crown. Ben was hoping this would nip the "want to wear the Queen of Naboo's headdresses" thing right in the bud.

"Cake?" Val asked pointedly, looking from one dad to the other.
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2016-03-25 08:38 pm

Ta'a Chume'Dun, Hapes, Hapes Cluster, Friday evening

Ben leaned against the balcony of their suite in the Fountain Palace and sighed softly. Hapes really was ridiculously beautiful, and while he preferred Naboo because of the lack of constant political posturing, he did enjoy getting to show Ender and Val off to Tenel Ka, who flatly refused to believe he was old enough to have a baby of his own when she could still remember changing his bottom.

The laughter from her guards at that had almost made the embarrassment worth it. "I think it's time for dinner soon," Ben called into Ender. "It's hard to gage here by the sun because it never gets fully dark."
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2016-02-15 01:02 pm
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The Skywalker-Wiggin House by the Lake in Naboo

"Come on, sweetheart, the water's not that cold," Ben said, but he was being drowned out by the deeply angry screeching of his daughter, who was Not Having It.

"Don't think she likes the lake, kreetle," Ben called out because he was not afraid to state the obvious.

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2015-11-15 04:19 pm

Sorelledolce [let's call it Sunday]

Ben was starting to feel at home on Sorelledolce: he had a routine for getting produce for the week at the same store, where the older man behind the counter insisted on spoiling the baby with strawberries, plums or apples, depending on what he had available when they arrived. He'd then get bread at another shop (and a roll for Val to gnaw on), and then a coffee for himself (and an espresso cup full of whipped cream that Val smeared all over her face, to her great delight) before heading back to the ship.

He kept up his normal one-sided conversation with his daughter as they walked. "That's a puppy, Val," Ben explained. "And that's a chicken! And that's a lady who's glaring at us for no real reason but we're going to walk faster anyway..."

Just another Sunday morning. Ben kind of loved his quiet little life.

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2015-06-06 09:10 pm

Room 614, the Arms Hotel, Saturday lunchtime

Turns out that waking up as a woman when your daughter is expecting you to be a man is not the most exhilirating start to a morning-now-heading-into-afternoon.

"Come on, Val," Ben soothed, rocking the sobbing infant as he paced the room for the thousandth time. "It's me. I still feel the same in the Force, I just...look different."

Perhaps philosophical discussions of gender and sex were not the place to start with a distraut one month old. "Ender?"
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2015-05-17 04:44 pm

Room 614, the Arms Hotel, Sunday morning

It was positively decadent, sleeping on a soft mattress without worrying about mosquitoes, bickering teenagers, annoying co-workers, or potential planetary eradication...

So Ben was sleeping in today. Mmmm. Sleep.

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2015-05-11 12:10 pm

The house on Naboo [Monday afternoon]

It wasn't that Ben and Ender didn't trust Fandom, but for the first weekend of their daughter's life, they weren't wild about being on an island with a history of weird weekends.

They'd just met her. They didn't want to re-meet her as a pony or a 20 year old or during a rain of tuna. After Ender's class, they'd headed to Naboo and then called Ben's father, who'd had much better Portalocity luck then they'd had (or, as Ben privately suspected, the name "Grand Master Skywalker" had a little more pull than regular old Ben Skywalker did).

He was arriving in a few minutes, and Ben was looking down at his tiny daughter in her portable crib and smiling. "He's going to love you," he murmured.

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2015-05-03 02:37 pm
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Arms Hotel Room 614, Sunday afternoon

After a long, rambling run around the island to see what had changed over the past year, Ben stopped for milkshakes at Chilly Boulder (and was greeted as a long-lost relative) and returned back to the hotel.

"Kreetle? Anything from the clinic yet?"

He only asked Ender about ten times a day if there was any news about Valentine's arrival. It was down from fifteen, and he was Quite Proud of Himself for it.

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2015-02-06 12:08 pm

Nagoya [a few weeks later]

Ben was coming back from his normal morning run, sweaty and feeling awake for the first time that day. He got to the door of their house and stopped outside to finish his water bottle and extend his now habitual morning quest into the Force to check on the baby.

...and nearly fell over as there was a fuzzy attempt to reach back--and a mental image of a tiny baby fist reaching out.

"Kuso," he whispered. "Hello there."

Then: "ENDER!"
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2015-01-17 12:02 pm

Nagoya [a month later]

Ben was still smiling as they walked away from the Portalocity terminal, his hand in Ender's. "That was a nice visit," he said. "Dad's really, really excited about becoming a grandfather, huh? I think the Ewok-themed nursery might be a bit much, though."

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2015-01-01 11:01 pm
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How's My Driving?

Questions, comments or complaints about Ben Skywalker? Put 'em here! Screening and anonymous comments are enabled.
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2014-11-10 01:33 pm

Nagoya, Monday afternoon

They'd been back from Fandom for a while now, settling into life on their new planet, starting routines. As time went on and his comlink stopped ringing with anything but inconsequential, friendly conversations with friends and family, his dread of hearing back from the cloners on Kamino settled to the back of his head instead of being at the forefront of every thought.

When his comm went off on his walk back from the local market, he didn't even check for a name before answering it. "I got the tuna for dinner tonight," he said, laughing, "relax, Val, I didn't forget."

There was a slight pause, then a cultured, unfamiliar voice asked, "Master Skywalker?"

Ben felt his stomach clench.

"Yes, this is Ben." He didn't add his knee-jerk joke of Master Skywalker being his father.

"I'm calling from the cloning facility. We regret to inform you--"

The rest of the words washed over him in an incomprehensible wave of noise as Ben went numb, groceries scattering on the ground as he lost his grip on the bag. He had no idea how he finally got out of the conversation, or how he got back to the house, where he closed the door with infinite care. He felt like the least amount of noise would shatter the fragile calm he'd wrapped himself in.

He didn't call out to tell Ender he was back, choosing instead to curl himself up on the couch, clutching a pillow tightly and staring off into space. Talking was too much of an effort right now.

[OOC: This is going to get ouchy, folks.]
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2014-09-29 11:22 am

Waiting Room, Kamino Cloning Facility [Kamino, GFFA]

The white, clean, almost anticeptic feel to the waiting area was starting to drive Ben a little crazy. The walls curved in a way that was soothing to the cloners but was reminding him of Eros, and the lighting was starting to hurt his eyes. He'd already been practically vibrating from nerves about this appointment anyway, and the soothing synthetic trance music, the complete lack of other people around, and the cloner running fifteen minutes late wasn't helping at all.

He gripped Ender's hand tightly, focused on the educational "Birth Cycle of the Hutt" poster on the wall and tried to relax.

...the poster wasn't helping.
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2014-09-11 09:04 am

Ben, Ender& Val's house [Hijra, let's call it Thursday]

Ben was putting the last of his clothing (mostly black, yes, and shush) into a final duffel bag as he waited for Ender to return from saying goodbye to Alai. It was time to move on to the next planet, and Ben wasn't entirely sorry to see this planet in their rearview.

Yes, he was still a little petty. Shut up.