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"Come on, sweetheart, the water's not that cold," Ben said, but he was being drowned out by the deeply angry screeching of his daughter, who was Not Having It.

"Don't think she likes the lake, kreetle," Ben called out because he was not afraid to state the obvious.

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The nice thing about how time worked on Naboo was that even a few days away from Fandom meant that Ender and Ben had gotten almost a week to themselves to unwind.

Now the fridge was restocked, the rooms were prepared and the droid Ben had made was bustling industriously around getting rid of dust bunnies.

Ben and Ender were ready for their Fandom (and other universes!) invasion.
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Ben and Ender were still hosting houseguests, and since the speeder hadn't been destroyed the day before, it meant it was time for Cultural Opportunities In Town!

...or Twi'leks dancing around poles.

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.

There was plenty to see in Theed before then, of course, as it would be kind of tacky to watching dancing girls at lunch. Or so Ben assumed.
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Tony had returned to Fandom a few days ago, and it was soon going to be time to catch a transport to Coruscant to face the Council. Ben had tried to repress the stress of that upcoming conversation, which meant that his nightmares had gotten steadily worse over the last few nights.

Last night he'd even foregone the pretext that he'd end up spending the night in his room and had curled up in Ender's bed from the beginning. He'd only woken up in a cold sweat twice and was now--finally--truly asleep.

And unfortunately for Ender, truly invading his space--his arm was sprawled out across Ender's chest and his head was tucked against his shoulder.


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