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"Why did we agree to this again?" Ben asked in an undertone to Tahiri for what was probably the fortieth time since they'd left Fandom. "Other than it being his birthday and Granddad being insanely intimidating?"

He reached his hand out to knock on the door.

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Yesterday had been a very, very long day (no doubt made longer by how he hadn't gotten any sleep last night): lightsaber dueling and conversations he'd not wanted to have were exhausting, and even watching Face Loran make an absolute idiot of himself in old propaganda films hadn't been enough to restore his good mood.

Which was why after his class with Minsc, Ben had fled for the ice cream shop, and then some solitude.

He stirred his pint of vanilla into soup and watched the waves crash on the shore.

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Ben was standing still as Anakin paced back and forth in front of him, laying out the rules of the simulator. Just like he'd done last week. Ben decided that given his grandfather's mood today, bringing that up would be a Very Bad Idea.

"No eating inside," Anakin continued, "and make sure your fingers are clean! And don't track mud in."

Ben wondered idly where Anakin thought he was going to get mud, but nodded along anyway.

"Yes, Granddad."

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After a long talk with his grandfather, Ben finally made his way back to his room and picked up his comm unit.

He took a deep breath and then called his mother.

Her face was strangely blurry through the receiver. "Ben?" she said, sounding a little incredulous. "Where are you?"

Ben fought back a sudden wave of emotion. He didn't realize how much he'd missed her until that moment. "I'm at school, Mom," he said, sounding a little wavery. "Can you send a shuttle for me? I have to talk to you."

Mara didn't waste time on asking questions like why something couldn't be talked over now. "It'll be there in the morning," she said immediately. "I'll see you soon."

Ben nodded and disconnected. This was either the start to making everything better, or the worst mistake of his life. The Force wasn't giving him any hints as to which way it would fall.
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Well, leadership class had certainly been interesting, with a discussion of how to set up your own utopian society.

Ben decided he'd get Jacen's opinion on that if there was time at home. Somehow he didn't think the girls in his group would've been onboard with the whole "assassinate the other government's leader" concept, but then, they didn't quite understand what was going on at home.

That Ben didn't really either was kind of beside the point.

As for the conversation with his grandfather...ew. Just ew. There were now a whooooole lot of mental images he didn't need.

Ben trotted up the ramp of the shuttle, nodding gravely at the GAG officer who was flying it and strapped himself in.

It was a long flight to Coruscant.

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It had been a busy few days--meeting a fake sibling and a real cousin from another universe (and her boyfriend who was already less annoying than Zekk or Jag), and a friend who should be fourteen years older and a grandfather who should be dead...

...and that was before meeting a friend of a different version of his father, who had apparently been gremlin bait (whatever a gremlin was. Ben didn't plan to find out).

At least his roommate seemed normal. And Tony, Joan, Myn, Hurley, and Jess all seemed pretty astral (that one girl might eat shoes and bore closer investigation)--and had the added benefit of not knowing anything about Ben's insane family.

He propped the door open just in case anyone was wandering the halls, then went back to writing a report about what he'd seen here so far to Jacen.

In case Jacen had been wondering where he'd gone. Or noticed he was missing. Jacen was kind of hard to figure out sometimes.

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