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Ben was moving to a different dimension in a few days, had gone through a not insignificant amount of trauma in his own dimension not so long ago, and hadn't exactly talked to anyone about it.

Which was why he had pizza, sodas, and Italian Guys Driving Stupid Carts on the Wii.

To repress more. With Tony.

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Ben was on his way to find Ender, fresh from a few hours of lightsaber practice, when his comlink went off.

As a general rule, his comlink went off several times a day, but this time he had a bad feeling about it even before he turned it on. "Hello?"

There was silence on his end as he listened to his Jaina's clipped rundown of how things had ended on Nam Chorios.

"He'll survive?" he finally asked softly.

She confirmed that.

"Okay," he said. "I'll be there as soon as I can book a portal."

He clicked the comlink off and closed his eyes, taking a few steadying breaths. First he had to find Ender.

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There are fewer things more awkward than waking up as a pony in a twin bed.

Sharing that twin bed with another pony was one of those things.

"Um, Ender?"

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Ben had been working and getting nowhere on his speech to his father, and he was running out of time to come up with a better way to say it.

So he'd invited him back to his room after the ceremony was over, trusting that one of his dozen relatives would keep an eye on Vestara for them.

He closed his door, ignoring the slightly appraising glance his father was giving the room, and took a deep breath.

"Um, Dad?"

At least that part had been well rehearsed.

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Ben didn't have classes on Wednesdays, so he normally went out on a nice long run before climbing the Rocky Bits (yes, for fun, and yes, without safety equipment), so it wasn't entirely unheard of for him to come home with a few scratches on his arms or legs.

Today, though, he was limping heavily and cursing under his breath about big sharp teeth and stupid kriffing bunnies.

He was a Skywalker. Of course something had tried to eat him.
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Ben returned to the room from his afternoon salle training, dropped off dinner, and headed immediately to the shower.

He returned to two dozen messages on his comlink.

"Sithspit," he groaned as he read. "Who's in charge now?"

He should probably change out of a towel soon...

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Prom had been fun and the evening after prom had been even more fun (Ben liked Ender in uniform, so sue him), but being fairly bright Fandom students who had been at the school for four years, both guys had remembered to put some clothing back on before falling asleep just in case.

Ben was curled into Ender now, sleeping in for once (so...past sun-up) and enjoying a weekend where he had nothing planned.

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Ben reappeared where he'd been on the 7th: in Chilly Boulder, but without his creepy visitors.

There was a napkin on the nearby table that read "remember" and Ben was flooded with memories of this place: dates with Tahiri after invasions, milkshakes and conversations with Karla, the various staff members who knew him by name after so many years of coming into this shop...

...and Ender, which was when Ben glanced at his phone, realized that it was now Sunday, and bolted for the dorms. If the sidewalks and trees along the way back weren't exactly how he remembered them, he didn't care. He had much more important things on his mind.

"Ender?" he called, opening the door to their room.

Please exist...
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Ben had stopped for food (and ice cream, and coffee) in town after a long second run around the island and had spent entirely too much time staring at the photos on the board.

He didn't even want to ask why the picture of his father, Han, and Aunt Leia was up there, or whose version of it it was, or who in it had disappeared.

Ben was in full repression mode. That wouldn't last long. )

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Ben came back from the fraternity meeting and reached into the closet for all of the droid babies he'd collected over the weekend--mostly from the lobby but there had been one particularly sad one stuck in the laundry room. He'd turned them off with his grandfather's (admittedly profanity-ladened) permission, cleaned off their faces as best he could and then turned them all on and put a sign on the door:


He closed the door, flopped back on his bed and checked his voicemail (what the hell, Tony?) and tried to stop the droids from escaping or eating any of his socks.

He was never having children.

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Ben didn't want to overanalyze why he slept better when Ender was in the room: it was just a fact he'd accepted along with his roommate's weird aversion to owning socks. Ben was currently sprawled out in his own bed for once, breathing steadily and untroubled--at least at the moment--by nightmares from his trip home.

Of course, he was now getting to his fourth hour of sleep, so he'd been waking up soon. Insomnia was a pain in the ass.

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It was May 4th, which meant that (no matter how much Luke might wish it otherwise), it was time for Ben's annual call home to his dad, even though he'd be seeing him in person on Saturday.

"Luke Skywalk--"

"May the Fourth be with you!"

"Hello, Ben."

After a few minutes of chitchatting to see if Luke wanted anything from Fandom (no, not a gremlin. Really Ben. No.), Ben turned off his comm and flopped onto his bed.

"Have you decided on our movie tonight?" he asked Ender.

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The email Dink had sent had included a series of attachments that took a while to decrypt and uncompress, so Ben set his computer on that task while he went for his usual morning run. The information was ready for him when he returned to his empty room. Keeping half his attention on tracking Ender's position on the island (and feeling slightly guilty about that), Ben sent a gentle Force-nudge at the radio squirrels, telling them to find somewhere else to be and clicked onto the first conversation. What he heard took his breath away.

Graff is kind of a bastard. News at 11. )

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After a long flight from home, Ben walked into his room loaded down with clean laundry (don't judge), ground caf from home, and various presents for people to celebrate the holidays.

He dropped his bags down with a sigh and then sat down on the bed to pull off his boots. It was good to be back.
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Ben hadn't exactly slept in a week, and adding that stress to a healthy dose of getting his ass kicked by a minotaur and a few uncomfortable reminders that gravity worked, he'd passed out on his bed and slept for a solid 16 hours.

For Ben, that was an insane amount of rest.

And now he was up, drinking the largest cup of coffee the Perk produced, and poking around at bits of his astromech droid. Just a normal Sunday, really, if you ignored some of the bruises on his face.

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Ben didn't exactly advertise it, but he kept pretty obsessive decent mental tabs on some of his friends--especially the ones with a history of taking off on him with short to no notice.

So when he'd felt Ender's emotions shift toward--well, he wouldn't call it panic, because Ender never panicked--but concern, he'd been glancing at the door roughly every three minutes since and taking a mental head count of Tahiri, Jaina---

--and then Karla went off the grid, despite her lecture to him on Friday about not providing notice to her about doing the same thing. He took less than a second to wonder if it was a test to annoy him before dismissing the idea.

Ten minutes of unanswered and increasingly frustrated phone messages later and Ben was scrawling a hurried note, dropping it on Ender's bed and heading out into the night to figure out what the kriff was going on.

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Ender had already headed out to Ariel's birthday party, but Ben was loitering in his room, poking around at a piece of droid electronics and debating whether or not he wanted to appear anywhere in swim apparel.

The door was cracked open.

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Rampaging hormones were adding a disturbing dimension to Ben's usual nightmares, and he was all too grateful to sit straight up, gasping, and realize that he was in his bed and not stuck back in Kaeleer with thousands of Jhinkas with Jacen's face attacking him.

He glanced over at Ender, hoping he hadn't woken up his roommate.
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Ben had finished with his classes and fled back to his room: today was just not a day he was up to spending around a lot of people.

He checked his comlink just in time to see a quick message from his father show up--Miss you. Love you. Check in later. Dad.--and promised himself that he'd reply later. For now, though, he was going to curl up on his bed with a complicated piece of machinery to tinker with and a pint of ice cream to eat, and try (unsuccessfully--having perfect recall was no gift) to forget every single moment of what it was like to find his mom in the Hapes Cluster.

Ben hated anniversaries.


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