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Weeks passed. The Jedi base was packed up, most of the equipment and ships airlifted to their new location, and Luke finally returned from Fondor, walking through the vacant halls with a stony expression. Ben caught rumors of a dogfight with Jacen (and really. Like Jacen had a shot against his dad), Niathal and Jacen turning warships against each other, and Pellaeon being murdered for refusing to keep his ships on Jacen’s losing side. Ben had some deeply uncomfortable suspicions about who might’ve been responsible for that.

And then, because things couldn’t get much darker, really, he got a secure comm from Shevu. )

[OOC: I just keep beating the kid up, don't I? Dialogue tweaked from Revelation by Karen Traviss. NFB, NFI, etc., etc.]
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Ben reached into his jacket to touch the forensics droid, and only half to prove to himself that it was still there. He was the only passenger on this civilian shuttle, and the pilots were chatty. Ben slouched in his chair and did his best to look angsty and teenaged.

It wasn’t working.

“You know I can only drop you at the trading base, right?” the pilot asked.

Ben rubbed at his jaw, surprised to realize that he needed to shave. Maybe that was why no one had called him kid in the last few days. He was starting to look as old as he felt. “That’s fine,” he said. “Someone’s meeting me.”

“Just checking,” the pilot replied. “I wouldn’t drop my worst enemy in that place. Ewoks. Savages. I’d shoot them all, to be honest.”

Cut for truly epic levels of teal dear-ness. )
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An hour after the Anakin Solo had broken orbit heading for Fondor (and wasn’t that a wonderful idea, taking the fight to a planet that built warships), Jacen’s StealthX was in a Coruscanti hanger bay undergoing repairs it didn’t actually need.

Ben was sitting in a traffic control landspeeder (he hadn’t asked how Shevu had swung that, but it was terribly convenient to be in a ship with an excuse not to move for a while) a few intersections away, monitoring Shevu as he walked towards the hanger on one of the screens in front of him. “Let me know if you need a disruption,” he said into his mic.

Read more... )

[OOC: Dialogue adapted from Karen Traviss' Revelation. NFB, NFI, void where prohibited...]
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I can do this, Ben chanted to himself as the windswept surface of Kavan expanded quickly under the vessel. I can face this.

“You okay, Ben?” Lon Shevu, Captain in the Galactic Alliance Guard and long-time friend asked, glanced over worriedly.

“Fine,” Ben assured him. He hadn’t called in the galaxy’s biggest favor to get Shevu to come with him out to Hapan space without authorization under the noses of both Tenel Ka (who was in a Mood. Kidnapping her daughter would do that.) and Jacen—only to get cold feet now.

“Think cop,” Shevu said. “Just keep thinking cop.”

Kavan was a lot less desolate than Ben remembered. )

[OOC: Dialogue taken and tweaked from Karen Traviss' Relevation. NFI, NFB, OOC is loved and fed cookies.]
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Ben had stared at the forensic data of his mother's murder scene until he could see it when he closed his eyes. This, as might be imagined, hadn't led to a lot of sleep the last few days.

He sat on his bed and toyed with his comlink before finally sucking it up and activating the encryption, then calling his old friend. Len Shevu was Jacen's second in command at the GAG, but Ben had always felt that Shevu wasn't pleased with what Jacen had become.

He hoped he was right--he was about to ask for a hell of a favor.

"Shevu?" he said quietly. "It's Ben. I don't suppose you'd be interested in going to Kavan in the next few days? And finding a way to get me to join you?"

A few minutes later and Ben had a portal booked to head home tomorrow afternoon. He would head back to the crime scene. There had to be a way to prove what Jacen had done that didn't rest on a nebulous "feeling."

Ben blew out a breath, then waved the door open and began tinkering with a droid. He needed to keep his hands moving faster than his brain was spinning.

[OOC: open door, open post!]
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Ben didn't have classes on Tuesday, so he'd spent the entire day going through the forensic evidence of his mother's crime scene on his datapad, so focused on the task in front of him that he forgot his normal Tuesday routine.

The photos...were grim.

Which was why the door was very firmly shut.

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