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Ben was moving to a different dimension in a few days, had gone through a not insignificant amount of trauma in his own dimension not so long ago, and hadn't exactly talked to anyone about it.

Which was why he had pizza, sodas, and Italian Guys Driving Stupid Carts on the Wii.

To repress more. With Tony.

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Ben had stopped for food (and ice cream, and coffee) in town after a long second run around the island and had spent entirely too much time staring at the photos on the board.

He didn't even want to ask why the picture of his father, Han, and Aunt Leia was up there, or whose version of it it was, or who in it had disappeared.

Ben was in full repression mode. That wouldn't last long. )

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Ben didn't want to overanalyze why he slept better when Ender was in the room: it was just a fact he'd accepted along with his roommate's weird aversion to owning socks. Ben was currently sprawled out in his own bed for once, breathing steadily and untroubled--at least at the moment--by nightmares from his trip home.

Of course, he was now getting to his fourth hour of sleep, so he'd been waking up soon. Insomnia was a pain in the ass.

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Tony had returned to Fandom a few days ago, and it was soon going to be time to catch a transport to Coruscant to face the Council. Ben had tried to repress the stress of that upcoming conversation, which meant that his nightmares had gotten steadily worse over the last few nights.

Last night he'd even foregone the pretext that he'd end up spending the night in his room and had curled up in Ender's bed from the beginning. He'd only woken up in a cold sweat twice and was now--finally--truly asleep.

And unfortunately for Ender, truly invading his space--his arm was sprawled out across Ender's chest and his head was tucked against his shoulder.
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Ben hadn't exactly slept in a week, and adding that stress to a healthy dose of getting his ass kicked by a minotaur and a few uncomfortable reminders that gravity worked, he'd passed out on his bed and slept for a solid 16 hours.

For Ben, that was an insane amount of rest.

And now he was up, drinking the largest cup of coffee the Perk produced, and poking around at bits of his astromech droid. Just a normal Sunday, really, if you ignored some of the bruises on his face.

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It turns out that Skywalker stupidity stubbornness can only hold out so long against the forces of nature, and healing trances and meditation are not the same thing as sixteen solid hours of sleep.

Unfortunately for Ben, the sleep meant that his brain was trying to process all of the trauma he'd been repressing... )

Ben woke up with a cry, clapping both hands over his mouth so he wouldn't wake Ender, then remembered he was alone in the room. He curled himself around his pillow, buried his head in it to muffle the sound, and wept.

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Normally, Ben had a very defined routine on Mondays: run, lightsaber practice, classes, lunch with Ender, then an afternoon of either research or socializing.

Today he stuck to classes, and then returned immediately to the dorms without stopping for food. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to head down to the cabins again, and he felt safer in his own room at the moment.

...And its fascinating, fascinating ceiling. Which he'd been staring at for hours now.

But he was fine.

The door was firmly closed.
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After his normal workout routine, Ben made his way back to his room with a banana split and a glass of iced coffee (it was practically Tatooine hot. He was half-expecting to fall into a sarlaac pit on the way to the dorms) and stripped out of two layers of Jedi robes before flopping on the bed.

The uniform was an exercise in self-discipline, but it was too hot outside for Ben to care about learning lessons today. The undertunic and pants would have to do for now.

He took a bite of his sundae, turned to the stack of parts that had been a half-built Artoo unit before his four-year-old self had gotten busy, sighed, and started putting things back together.

He wouldn't admit it out loud but it was good to be back in the dorms.

The door was left open.

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Given the past few weeks, it was really more surprising that Ben's nightmares hadn't started sooner:

Dream sequence, ho! )

Ben woke up screaming.

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If he was being very honest with himself--which Ben tried to be--he wasn't exactly feeling like going to a dance tonight. The months he'd spent with Bean and Petra had been mentally and emotionally exhausting, and watching Achilles get executed hadn't exactly been a highlight.

And he was very, very worried about Ender. Under the guise of messing with his hair--which had gotten long and fairly stupid looking--he glanced at Ender in the mirror and waited for his roommate to say something.

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Ben had been slightly worried when Ender hadn't shown up for class, and more so when he'd taken their traditional coffees to an empty Stark's.

He trotted back to the dorms, wondering if Ender had come down with something--it wasn't like him to just skip out on class or work--and felt the hair on the back of his neck rise as he approached their room. He could tell already that no one was home, but he opened the door anyway.

Both coffees hit the floor when he saw the note.

He ignored the "don't worry" and the thing about Caligula, focusing instead on "eye of the storm."

Ender was gone, disappearing like Val had. Ben shoved aside a furious--and pointless--surge of hate for Graff. There was no proof it was his fault.


He stared at the piece of paper for a long while, hoping that maybe rereading it a few thousand more times would help him to understand what the hell Ender was doing.

He'd forgotten to close the door behind him.

You should have a bad feeling about this. )

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Ben had been going through his normal morning routine when his comlink went off. He frowned when he saw who the message was from--his father wasn't generally one for random communications--and the his breath was sucked from his lungs like he'd been sucker punched.

Thinking of you today. Miss you. --Dad.

His eyes flew to the date and he felt even worse. It was the anniversary of Mom's death and it had completely snuck up on him. Shaking off memories of flying over Kavan--of the sudden, gaping loss in the Force--with difficulty, Ben shrugged into his Jedi robe and headed to class.

It was going to be a very long day.
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With the amount of stress he was under, a part of Ben was surprised that the nightmares hadn't started sooner.

Cut for gratuitous flashbacking (and torture) )

With a cry of terror, Ben bolted upright in bed, then clapped both hands over his mouth to stop any further noises from coming out and sat there trembling and gasping for breath.

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"Last load," Ben said from behind a pile of metal. "Think we could start our own branch of Stark's right here in the room?"

His side of his new room was already neatly organized--not that he had much that wasn't droid parts--and he was talking mostly to hide his nerves.

Given the room's other occupant, he wasn't sure why he was even trying.

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