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Ben was back at the window, staring out at the ocean and trying to find some calm. He and Ender had called Karla over, and while Ben trusted her absolutely when it came to healing (he wouldn't have had her help with Ender otherwise) and he wasn't afraid of pain, he kind of...worried about her reaction when she saw exactly what the Sith Lord had inflicted on him.

Thus the truncated meditation exercise. Not because he was nervous. At all. Really.

Ben was an expert liar, after all, and had been an expert at lying to himself for years.

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Because I know I'll be looking for all of them to wonder just exactly what we'd been smoking, here's what Ben left for his friends, relatives, and people he mistakenly misdialed (with the rest of his idiot friends linked into the comments):



To Deadpool: Do you think you can get drunk by standing in a tank of vodka if it is seeping into your skin?

To Billy: i just sent this text using only my big toe

To Tony: careful of the bathroom.... theres some drunken ninja turtles in there....

To Peter: "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. I just tried calling my phone on my phone because I thought I lost my phone. Also Tony borrowed my pants. Long story."

To Steph: "Hey, do you think Topher would look better bald? Because I think so."

To Karla: I'll trade you a raw potato for some vodka
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Ben finally got his hand extracted from Ender's (he hadn't really been trying that hard while Alai had been visiting), and left the room to give Val (and Alai, sigh, grumble, whatever) some time to spend with Ender as well.

Ben went for a walk, got lost four times, found some food and a shower and finally made his way back to his room.

He sat down in an uncomfortable chair on the theory that if he sat on the bed he'd fall asleep for a week, and began making some long-delayed calls back to Fandom.

With his luck, time had sped up there, he'd been gone for a month, and Karla was after his head...

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Ben's bed, fortunately, had stopped being a nest overnight and was back to being bed-shaped, though that was a little hard to notice as it was currently covered in various bags of sandwiches, boxes of cookies and cans of soda.

The extremely ugly vase he'd bought for Ender was in a place of honor by the television. Ben was privately wondering how long it would take his roommate to notice that it'd been moved.

Ben's choice in movies--one of the car ones he was addicted to--was ready in the DVD player, and he was waiting for Karla and Ender to start up movie night and to pick up all of the subtle nuance of the film.

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The quarters were a little more cramped on the Falcon than they were on the Shadow, and the addition of two more people and a nexu cub was helping Ben feel a little caged in.

It wasn't helping that Luke hadn't called yet to let him know where to rendezvous to continue on with their mission. His father wasn't dead--Ben would have felt that--so Ben was trying to wait patiently for his comlink to go off, rather than calling and demanding to know what was going on.

After a few hours of staring at the comm and mentally demanding it to ring, Luke finally called in. The Sith had left the planet having captured most of the Nightsisters of Dathomir, but Luke had Vestara as his prisoner aboard the Shadow and was using her as collateral in his new pact with the Sith.

Ben's yelped "WHAT?!" at that news had echoed through the ship.

Luke's second bit of news--that the Sith claimed their young people were going through the same Force psychosis that had plagued the Jedi--was harder for Ben to believe, and the final piece--that Luke would prefer Ben head to Coruscant to warn the Council personally about the Sith rather than meet up with his father to head back into the Maw--was greeted with absolute silence, then a nod of acquiescence.

Ben was being left behind again. He was fine with that. Really. He curled up on his bunk after he wished Luke luck on his mission and stared at the wall.

See? Totally fine.

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They were getting close to Dathomir, but Ben, after learning his lesson from the Maw, decided to take a quick detour to a nearby system to top off their fuel and food reserves and to check for any mail they might have received in the past few months.

After so many weeks in the ship and in Sinkhole Station, he was kind of desperate to breathe clean, non-recylced air again too, and maybe get a haircut.

Ben's life of intergalactic intrigue was never-ending thrills, it was true.

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Ben was grabbing a quick snack as he waited in the galley for his father to finish docking the ship on the first human-majority planet they'd seen in months and taking the chance to catch up on more reading about the Aing-Tii Monks. As soon as they restocked their supplies and checked for physical mail (Ben hoped that Tony's package would catch up with them here), they'd be heading into Aing-Tii space, which was a challenging enough flight that Luke Kriffing Skywalker looked slightly apprehensive about it.

Ben stopped being nervous by remembering that if Jacen had been able to do it, Luke would be able to do it better. had never been said that Ben could not be very petty if the occasion called for it.

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It was May 4th, which meant that (no matter how much Luke might wish it otherwise), it was time for Ben's annual call home to his dad, even though he'd be seeing him in person on Saturday.

"Luke Skywalk--"

"May the Fourth be with you!"

"Hello, Ben."

After a few minutes of chitchatting to see if Luke wanted anything from Fandom (no, not a gremlin. Really Ben. No.), Ben turned off his comm and flopped onto his bed.

"Have you decided on our movie tonight?" he asked Ender.

[OOC: For the roommate and the Glacian witch!]
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Ben hadn't exactly slept in a week, and adding that stress to a healthy dose of getting his ass kicked by a minotaur and a few uncomfortable reminders that gravity worked, he'd passed out on his bed and slept for a solid 16 hours.

For Ben, that was an insane amount of rest.

And now he was up, drinking the largest cup of coffee the Perk produced, and poking around at bits of his astromech droid. Just a normal Sunday, really, if you ignored some of the bruises on his face.

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It was such a natural part of Ben's Monday that he was halfway to Fixer-Uppers before it crashed into him that Ender wouldn't be waiting today.

Clenching his jaw, he changed direction and began patrolling the island, trying to get a fix on what had changed since last night. The walls creeped him out--getting near them was like treading too close to a bunch of ysalamiri: the Force stopped working like it should. Because, Ben thought a little bitterly, he needed more problems today.

Finally he stopped walking at a slight thinning in the wall, checked to be sure that his lightsaber was hanging from his belt and addressed the air. "Hey!" he called. "Who's in charge here?"

As far as plans went, this one was...distinctly Skywalker.

[OOC: For goblins, who hopefully find Skywalkers less tasty than gremlins do?]
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Ben didn't exactly advertise it, but he kept pretty obsessive decent mental tabs on some of his friends--especially the ones with a history of taking off on him with short to no notice.

So when he'd felt Ender's emotions shift toward--well, he wouldn't call it panic, because Ender never panicked--but concern, he'd been glancing at the door roughly every three minutes since and taking a mental head count of Tahiri, Jaina---

--and then Karla went off the grid, despite her lecture to him on Friday about not providing notice to her about doing the same thing. He took less than a second to wonder if it was a test to annoy him before dismissing the idea.

Ten minutes of unanswered and increasingly frustrated phone messages later and Ben was scrawling a hurried note, dropping it on Ender's bed and heading out into the night to figure out what the kriff was going on.

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Ben had finished with his classes and fled back to his room: today was just not a day he was up to spending around a lot of people.

He checked his comlink just in time to see a quick message from his father show up--Miss you. Love you. Check in later. Dad.--and promised himself that he'd reply later. For now, though, he was going to curl up on his bed with a complicated piece of machinery to tinker with and a pint of ice cream to eat, and try (unsuccessfully--having perfect recall was no gift) to forget every single moment of what it was like to find his mom in the Hapes Cluster.

Ben hated anniversaries.
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Another day in Colorado, and another awkward morning in his and Tahiri's room together.

At least there was hot chocolate? Ben had a mug of it in his hands, partially because hot chocolate was astral and partially because it gave him something to do.

Maybe they was something good on television?

If he was supposed to be using this trip as a romantic week, Ben had failed rather spectacularly so far.

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It turns out that Skywalker stupidity stubbornness can only hold out so long against the forces of nature, and healing trances and meditation are not the same thing as sixteen solid hours of sleep.

Unfortunately for Ben, the sleep meant that his brain was trying to process all of the trauma he'd been repressing... )

Ben woke up with a cry, clapping both hands over his mouth so he wouldn't wake Ender, then remembered he was alone in the room. He curled himself around his pillow, buried his head in it to muffle the sound, and wept.

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Ben had spent the last few days doing a lot of research into the specific type of animal Ender had become--a komodo dragon--and learning important things like how it couldn't live on ice cream and stale birthday cake alone.

Thus, the trip into the preserve, where hopefully Ender would retain the animal instincts necessary to catch his own lunch.

Ben smiled over at his companion as he walked almost silently through the undergrowth. This was going to be so gross educational!

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After his normal workout routine, Ben made his way back to his room with a banana split and a glass of iced coffee (it was practically Tatooine hot. He was half-expecting to fall into a sarlaac pit on the way to the dorms) and stripped out of two layers of Jedi robes before flopping on the bed.

The uniform was an exercise in self-discipline, but it was too hot outside for Ben to care about learning lessons today. The undertunic and pants would have to do for now.

He took a bite of his sundae, turned to the stack of parts that had been a half-built Artoo unit before his four-year-old self had gotten busy, sighed, and started putting things back together.

He wouldn't admit it out loud but it was good to be back in the dorms.

The door was left open.

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Reno's lecture in Rookiehood had brought up memories of decisions Ben had made that led to most of his sleepless nights, but he'd been able to push them to the back of his head.

They'd stayed there until he'd heard the instructions at the reserves that involved snipers. And on an intellectual level he knew that water pistols weren't nearly the same as the collapsable rifle he'd use to take Gejjen out, but logic wasn't really working on convincing his stomach to stopping flipping over right now.

So he sat on the beach with his eyes closed, concentrating on the sound of the waves and trying to find his inner balance again.

It could take a while.

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The nice thing about the time difference between home and Fandom was that Ben had time to run a few errands for his father (the reason he'd come back home), pick up a package of comfort food for Tahiri and still have time to meet up with Ender and Karla for lunch before they headed back.

"So, any particular food requests today?" he asked them. "Dad said he might be able to swing by if we pick somewhere close to the Temple."

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Ben, mindful that the last time he'd been in the Corellian Sector he'd been a member of GAG and kicking down doors looking for terrorists, put a bright smile on his face, prayed no one recognized him, and led Karla and Ender around.

"This is where you can find really astral food," he said enthusiastically, because this was Ben and food was pretty much top on his list of judging how good a place was, just below "are they shooting at me?" "There's also neat stuff to look at and almost everyone here speaks Basic. You might run into some Selonians or Drall, but Corellia itself is mostly human."

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After dropping their bags off at the Skywalker apartment, Ben insisted that Ender and Karla experience some of the sights and sounds (and smells, sorry to say) of Coruscant, and practically dragged them down to the Coruscant University sector and into the Haunch of Nerf, one of the stranger cantinas on the planet.

"I'd recommend the nerf," Ben said, eyes twinkling over his glass of lum. He rarely drank, but lum tasted like home and made him feel more like an adult. Tonight he decided he needed both.

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