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Ben returned to the room from his afternoon salle training, dropped off dinner, and headed immediately to the shower.

He returned to two dozen messages on his comlink.

"Sithspit," he groaned as he read. "Who's in charge now?"

He should probably change out of a towel soon...

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from here because these boys have no sense of time and place...:

Ben moaned again and slid his fingers along the waistband of Ender's pants. "More?"
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Ben reappeared where he'd been on the 7th: in Chilly Boulder, but without his creepy visitors.

There was a napkin on the nearby table that read "remember" and Ben was flooded with memories of this place: dates with Tahiri after invasions, milkshakes and conversations with Karla, the various staff members who knew him by name after so many years of coming into this shop...

...and Ender, which was when Ben glanced at his phone, realized that it was now Sunday, and bolted for the dorms. If the sidewalks and trees along the way back weren't exactly how he remembered them, he didn't care. He had much more important things on his mind.

"Ender?" he called, opening the door to their room.

Please exist...
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Ben came back from the fraternity meeting and reached into the closet for all of the droid babies he'd collected over the weekend--mostly from the lobby but there had been one particularly sad one stuck in the laundry room. He'd turned them off with his grandfather's (admittedly profanity-ladened) permission, cleaned off their faces as best he could and then turned them all on and put a sign on the door:


He closed the door, flopped back on his bed and checked his voicemail (what the hell, Tony?) and tried to stop the droids from escaping or eating any of his socks.

He was never having children.

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Ben still was exactly sure where he and Ender had ended up but the food was good, the view from their room was fantastic, and nothing had tried to eat them.

He was calling it a win.

He leaned against the balcony railings and ate a piece of fruit (weirdly blue, but other than that very tasty) and watched some kind of birds float serenely on a lake in the near distance.

"Not a bad way to spend time, huh?" he asked.

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The perfect recall thing came in handy when you were trying to remember where someone parked a cloaked ship, Ben thought as he walked straight to where Jen's spaceship was kept.

He'd just finished saying goodbye to Dean, so taking a trip off campus (way, way, way off campus) sounded like an excellent repression coping technique.

Now he just needed Tahiri.

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