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They had been keeping Ender's presence secret from them all - and quite successfully. Alai should really remember never to underestimate Graff. Still, at the same time, Graff should really know better than to underestimate him...


Those thoughts didn't stay with him long; only as long as it took him to actually find the damn clinic. It was tucked away pretty well within the maze of Battle School, but Alai had lived here for a good chunk of his life and he knew where all the medical rooms were.

He opened the door with a quick flash of his hand, and came to a stop in the doorway.

Well, this won't be awkward at all. Noooo. )

[OOC: Preplayed with the stupendous [ profile] endsthegame as both Alai and Sir Not Waking Up For This Preplay. NFB, NFI, yadda yadda, etc.]
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Ben wondered if he should have had a sanisteam and something hot to eat before attempting what he was about to do, but it was too late now. He trudged slowly to the spot where he, Luke, and Ender had spent so many days learning from Tadar'Ro. It all looked as it had before, the time-smoothed stones warm from the sun, the taller stones casting cool shadows. But didn't feel the same to Ben.

Here was where Tadar'Ro had taught Luke, and Ender, and Ben, and Jorj Car'das.

And here was where Tadar'Ro had taught Jacen Solo.

Hello again, Jacen. )

Where Ben has a long-delayed nervous breakdown )

[OOC: And we're done with Christie Golden's Omen. Many thanks to [ profile] endsthegame for the preplay on this one. NFB, NFI, OOC given donuts. Man, I want a donut.]
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Ben had heard the announcement, which meant he wasn't asleep yet.

And a good thing, too. The dreams had been getting downright...awkward...lately.

He was on the floor working on a droid in an attempt to keep his mind busy for a little longer before he headed to town hall.

He wasn't a big fan of clinics these days. Chalk it up to a series of being tortured bad experiences.

The door was cracked open.
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It had been an extremely long and musical day, which was why Ben had fled to the beach as soon as his classes were over in the hopes that the song Captain Kirk had been singing would eventually get out of his head.

Naturally, he'd been on the beach all of a minute when he'd gotten his wish.

Cut for lyrics. Contain your shock! )

Ben sighed, repressed the daddy issues the island seemed to want him to deal with, and looked out at the water, hoping that no one had heard him.

[OOC: I, of course, hope no such thing. Open!]
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Ben was getting seriously annoyed with this week. His mental shields were being battered with all sorts of information he didn't want to know about, he and Tahiri were getting hit with trees and buckets of water rather than having the fun that everyone seemed to be having.

...and no, he wasn't thinking about what had happened on the roof. At all. It had everything nothing to do with why he was holed up in his room right now instead of being there (since getting sweaty with weapons yesterday had not turned out very well either, and his second choice for places to hide was generally the salle), anyway.

He had work to do on his lightsaber. No, he wasn't thinking of the implications of that either.


The door was cracked open. No reason to let the rest of the school know they were getting to him.
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Ben normally had a fairly accurate internal clock, but he had absolutely no idea what time it was by the time he finally made his way to the dorms. He'd carefully shut himself down in the Force--he wasn't ready to face either Jaina or Tahiri yet--and made his way slowly up the stairs to his room.

In his head, the litany of the names of the dead and wounded repeated over and over and over again. Zekk, missing. Jaina, in the clinic for the foreseeable future if she wanted to walk again. And the dead: Shevu. Prince Isolder. Most of the Hapan court, including little Allana. Jacen.

Ben hadn't cried. He didn't see the reason to.

He walked past Ender's room and paused. Might as well let him know that he wouldn't be inheriting droids...

He rapped quietly at the door, intending to stay for only a second. He didn't want to wake anyone up.

[OOC: for the other emo boy...and contents are going NFB.]
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Stars had finally come to Shedu Maad's black skies. Ben glanced up and saw a thousand of them chasing each other through the night, flinging slivers of light back and forth, exploding into brilliant orange flames. It would be beautiful if you didn't know what it was. Or who was up there.

Cut for truly epic levels of teal-deerness )

[OOC: Cut for length heh, violence, and off-screen character death. Dialogue taken from Troy "Yes, Their Lives *Can* Get Worse" Denning and his book Invincible. And this is the end of the spamming, I swear. NFI, NFB, OOC is love.]
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In a galaxy whirling madly out of control, where whole cities could be blasted out of existence entirely on the Chief of State’s whim, no one cared when fourteen-year-old Ben Skywalker walked into a seedy cantina in a refueling depot halfway to nowhere and ordered a drink.

Which was why Ben couldn’t figure out why he felt like he was being watched. )

[OOC: Dialogue taken from Troy "Sure, Let's Make This *More* Awkward" Denning and his book Invincible. Apologies for the flist spamming.]
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[OOC: Cut for violence and extreme ickiness. NO THANKS AT ALL to Troy "What Do You Mean 'This is Gross?' Denning and his book Invincible from whom this concept was stolen. Much love to [ profile] wtfcanonmewtf for the preplay. OOC is love.]

Ben was glad he could remember a time when his cell had been dark.  )


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