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It was, much to Tony Stark's chagrin, a rather unusual occurance for Ben Skywalker to wake up with a woman in his bed these days.

Or a man, for that matter, people reading the narrative.

And it was really not his style to be cuddled up against his ex-girlfriend-turned-Imperial Jedi (because even groggy, he could sense who he was next to) no matter how comfortable he was currently finding it.

"Um..." he began cautiously.

Sadly, Ben had not gotten any smoother in the last twenty years.
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Ben arrived just as the sun was rising. After carefully locking up the shuttle, he trudged back up to the dorms and flopped onto his bed, then reached out for his comlink, made a couple of calls, and waited, staring up at the ceiling.
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Ben had heard the announcement, which meant he wasn't asleep yet.

And a good thing, too. The dreams had been getting downright...awkward...lately.

He was on the floor working on a droid in an attempt to keep his mind busy for a little longer before he headed to town hall.

He wasn't a big fan of clinics these days. Chalk it up to a series of being tortured bad experiences.

The door was cracked open.
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Ben hadn't been able to shake a feeling of something being wrong, but he chalked it up to it being his birthday.

After classes and his weekly stop in to see Ender, he fielded comlink calls from his father, Aunt Leia and his Jaina, telling them all he'd see them next week, then curled up on his bed with Tahiri (who he was starting to despair of ever not being a cougar, and he was mentally running the odds of his father being more or less okay with him dating a cat versus a version of someone who'd tortured him), and tried to take a nap.

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After running his errands in town, Ben was sitting on his bed trying to figure out how fit both his clothes and all of the chocolate he'd bought for Aravis into the small bag he'd planned on taking with him.

The door was open.
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Ben hadn't returned to bed after the fire alarm had stopped going off. Instead he'd spent some time in meditation on the roof and had returned to his room when the sun came up. He stood in front of his mirror, one hand on his braid, the other hand holding a pair of scissors.

If he was really a knight, it was past time to cut this thing off, to deal with the world the way it was, to stop being a mopey child, Ben decided.

"There is no passion; there is serenity," he murmured to himself, snipping off the braid and tossing it into the garbage can.
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Ben wasn't hiding.

...much. It was his days without workshops, so after a run around the island, a stop in the salle, and time spent writing a letter to Aravis to catch her up on Fandom happenings (or at least a general sort of catch-up. He wasn't mentioning his fight with Ender, the extreme awkwardness that was his relationship with Tahiri right now, his conversation with John, or the impending arrival of his baby...aunt. It wasn't a tremendously helpful letter).

Now he was sitting in the middle of his floor, barefoot, with his hands resting easily on his knees and his eyes closed as he tried to regain equilibrium through meditation.

His father was so much better at this.

The door was cracked open.
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Ben was getting seriously annoyed with this week. His mental shields were being battered with all sorts of information he didn't want to know about, he and Tahiri were getting hit with trees and buckets of water rather than having the fun that everyone seemed to be having.

...and no, he wasn't thinking about what had happened on the roof. At all. It had everything nothing to do with why he was holed up in his room right now instead of being there (since getting sweaty with weapons yesterday had not turned out very well either, and his second choice for places to hide was generally the salle), anyway.

He had work to do on his lightsaber. No, he wasn't thinking of the implications of that either.


The door was cracked open. No reason to let the rest of the school know they were getting to him.
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His headache had finally cleared up, so Ben was trying to catch up on his robotics work this evening.

Well, that was his story, anyway. It wasn't like he slept more than a few hours a night. The door was closed, though, so the sound didn't carry down the hall.

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Ben had noticed something about the calendar today, and it was too good not to share. So he put the finishing touches on the squishy machine he'd been making for Jamie, then picked up his comlink and called home.

"Skywalker," his father answered.

"It's Ben," he replied, grinning. "May the fourth be with you."

There was a very long pause, then, "...did you just make an transgalactic comm to pun at me, Ben Skywalker?"

Ben laughed. "I did."

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Seeing King (and really, other version of him, King?) had been, a little overwhelming, so when the boy had demanded to go out and play, Ben had extricated himself (read: fled) as quickly as possible and returned to his room.

And shut the door.

And was now building something in the hopes that he wouldn't hear anyone knocking. This was, of course, a doomed course of action.

For a virgin, Ben sure got around... )

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An afternoon thinking he was a little girl had not been exactly what Ben had been planning, though the distraction had been kind of a relief.

...not that he'd admit that.

He was in his room, carefully examining his air vent to see how the gremlin had gotten in and looking to see if there was a way to discourage them from returning without breaking the terms of the treaty.

The door was open a crack.

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Ben had a few things on his mind these days, which was why he wasn't paying attention--too busy brooding--as a little green gremlin snuck up on him and bit him on the thigh.

Should've known, was the last thought Ben had for a while.

Shirley Temple, on the other hand? She scampered out of the room with a little giggle to meet new friends.

[OOC: Establishy. This week is gonna be brutal on the Skywalkers...]
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Ben had stared at the forensic data of his mother's murder scene until he could see it when he closed his eyes. This, as might be imagined, hadn't led to a lot of sleep the last few days.

He sat on his bed and toyed with his comlink before finally sucking it up and activating the encryption, then calling his old friend. Len Shevu was Jacen's second in command at the GAG, but Ben had always felt that Shevu wasn't pleased with what Jacen had become.

He hoped he was right--he was about to ask for a hell of a favor.

"Shevu?" he said quietly. "It's Ben. I don't suppose you'd be interested in going to Kavan in the next few days? And finding a way to get me to join you?"

A few minutes later and Ben had a portal booked to head home tomorrow afternoon. He would head back to the crime scene. There had to be a way to prove what Jacen had done that didn't rest on a nebulous "feeling."

Ben blew out a breath, then waved the door open and began tinkering with a droid. He needed to keep his hands moving faster than his brain was spinning.

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Ben, unlike his daddy, was not much of a morning person. And without Nanny to wake him up, he slept all the way until 9 before clambering out of bed and into his light gray jumpsuit.

The boots took him some time--he was three and zippers were kind of tough--but he finally had everything in mostly the right order.

He skipped brushing his hair because Nanny wasn't there to tell him to do it. Ha.

Then he sat back down and stared at the door for a long, long time, weighing the benefits of finding something to eat against the badness of seeing other people.

...maybe he could be really, really quiet.

With that plan in mind, Ben snuck out of the room.
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Ben didn't have classes on Tuesday, so he'd spent the entire day going through the forensic evidence of his mother's crime scene on his datapad, so focused on the task in front of him that he forgot his normal Tuesday routine.

The photos...were grim.

Which was why the door was very firmly shut.

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Ben returned to his room from his club activities just in time for his father to call. A shuttle would be picking him up Friday afternoon for an assignment to be explained when he arrived on Endor.

Ben sighed as he sat down on the floor. At least it was his father calling the shots--he was pretty sure that meant he wouldn't be assassinating anyone this trip home.

But he'd probably need his lightsaber.

He pulled the parts for the new hilt out from under his bed and began welding them together using nothing but the Force. If the weapon was going to be his, it had to be built the old-fashioned way.

And for Jedi, it didn't get more old-fashioned than this.

Ben was so focused on the weapon floating above his lap that he didn't realize he'd left the door cracked open.

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Ben had barely had time to drop his bags on the bed when his comlink chirped.

Tahiri, he thought, grabbing for it. “Skywalker here.”

His father’s face flickered into three-dimensional life before him. “Ben.”

Vacation's over, Ben. Sorry about that. )

[OOC: Cut for depressing themes, omg. Dialogue snurched with love from Aaron Allston's Fury. Door is closed, but post is open.]
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Ben hadn't really had much of a chance to talk to his dad that week: lessons with his grandfather (who was still kicking his butt with a lightsaber without moving. It was annoying), a date with Tahiri (which he would definitely be doing again. Yes.), classes, clubs, stopping in on his weekly trips to bother Ender, Kaylee, and Aravis...for a not-so-social person, he had managed to fill up his schedule pretty well.

But he'd promised Tahiri that he would ask his dad about starting a dance troupe--mostly to see if he could get Luke to crack a smile--and so he was lounging on his bed with his comlink, pretty happy for the first time in a while.

Naturally, that couldn't last.

When he clicked his comm shut a few minutes later, he'd not only forgotten to ask about the dance troupe, he'd learned that Centerpoint Station had been fired again, Jacen had kidnapped Tenel Ka's daughter for use as a bargaining chip (because that had worked so well with the Jedi), and Jaina was on the trail of Alema, who Luke was still convinced had murdered Mara.

"Kriffing hell," Ben muttered to himself before settling down on the floor to build something loud and complicated.

Mmm. Repression.

[OOC: Door closed, but he's loud enough to be heard in the hall...]
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Ben woke up to the sound of a ringing phone, and barely missed getting threatened and then propositioned. He sighed heavily, returned the messages, and then laid back down on his bed. He was pretty sure he wasn't going back to sleep.

Especially not when people were telling him they wouldn't nurse him back to health. Like he needed any help. The message he left would leave no doubt about that.

After the fourth message, he started figuring that something had gone screwy. Really, why would Ender care if he liked girls or boys? He made a last call to let him know that.


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