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Ben had stopped for food (and ice cream, and coffee) in town after a long second run around the island and had spent entirely too much time staring at the photos on the board.

He didn't even want to ask why the picture of his father, Han, and Aunt Leia was up there, or whose version of it it was, or who in it had disappeared.

Ben was in full repression mode. That wouldn't last long. )

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Ben had gone to bed an almost-sixteen year old guy pushing six feet tall.

He woke up four years old and, well, really short.

He blinked bright blue eyes as he assessed the situation, realized the nanny droid was nowhere to be seen and flashed a little smile.

He was soon out of bed and working on dismantling a droid that teenaged Ben had been putting together for months.

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Ben lounged on his bed as the leopard kitten who was usually Aravis pounced on his latest mouse droid.

"Dad's coming to visit next weekend," he told her. "Hopefully you won't still be a cat. That would be awkward to explain."

The door was open.
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Seeing King (and really, other version of him, King?) had been, a little overwhelming, so when the boy had demanded to go out and play, Ben had extricated himself (read: fled) as quickly as possible and returned to his room.

And shut the door.

And was now building something in the hopes that he wouldn't hear anyone knocking. This was, of course, a doomed course of action.

For a virgin, Ben sure got around... )

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An afternoon thinking he was a little girl had not been exactly what Ben had been planning, though the distraction had been kind of a relief.

...not that he'd admit that.

He was in his room, carefully examining his air vent to see how the gremlin had gotten in and looking to see if there was a way to discourage them from returning without breaking the terms of the treaty.

The door was open a crack.

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Ben, after promising that yes, they wouldn't break it, and yes, he would clean all the fingerprints from everything, and yes, really they wouldn't break it, had finally pried the keys to the flight shed from his grandfather's hand.

He bounced a little on his toes next to the simulator and waited for Aravis to arrive.

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