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Ben didn't have classes on Tuesday, so he'd spent the entire day going through the forensic evidence of his mother's crime scene on his datapad, so focused on the task in front of him that he forgot his normal Tuesday routine.

The photos...were grim.

Which was why the door was very firmly shut.

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Ben was beginning to go a little stir crazy, not being able to exercise like he was used to. After overexerting himself in gym class, his body was refusing to let him do much more today than get out of bed.

He sat on his floor (crosslegged, just to spite his joints) and worked on the next droid for his tiny army.

The door was open.

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The enormous room was filled with dignitaries: Galactic Senators, military leaders, beings from around the galaxy who had fought alongside Mara Jade Skywalker over the decades of her life.

Jedi Knights knelt in rows in front of the funeral pyre, meditating on the nature of the Force. Ben stood next to his father, Ender and Dean close by, as Jedi Masters swirled around them having murmured conversations.

The ceremony was running late: Aunt Leia and Uncle Han hadn't arrived yet.

But neither had Jacen.

Ben wasn't sure if he should be relieved by that part or not.

He stared straight ahead, trying not to be twitchy about all the eyes staring at him.
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"Okay," Ben said, flopping down onto the living room sofa with a small sigh, "the funeral is tomorrow at noon. Aunt Leia will be delivering the eulogy, which should be interesting since there's a warrant out for her and Uncle Han. Dad's spending the night meditating over at the Temple and it looks like he's forgotten to stock the fridge. We can order in or go exploring." His lips quirked up almost into a smile. "Get into a bar fight. What do you think?"

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Ben was in his room, surrounded by several hundred pieces of electronics.

He'd tell you he was building a droid.

He was really keeping himself incredibly distracted.

The door was cracked open.

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It had been a busy few days--meeting a fake sibling and a real cousin from another universe (and her boyfriend who was already less annoying than Zekk or Jag), and a friend who should be fourteen years older and a grandfather who should be dead...

...and that was before meeting a friend of a different version of his father, who had apparently been gremlin bait (whatever a gremlin was. Ben didn't plan to find out).

At least his roommate seemed normal. And Tony, Joan, Myn, Hurley, and Jess all seemed pretty astral (that one girl might eat shoes and bore closer investigation)--and had the added benefit of not knowing anything about Ben's insane family.

He propped the door open just in case anyone was wandering the halls, then went back to writing a report about what he'd seen here so far to Jacen.

In case Jacen had been wondering where he'd gone. Or noticed he was missing. Jacen was kind of hard to figure out sometimes.

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