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A few minutes—or a lifetime—of meditation with Rhondi and Ben felt himself slipping free of his body. He had a thousand questions about what was happening to him, about how long they had been gone and what would happen to his body. But when Rhondi appeared next to him, looking more refreshed and beautiful than she ever had, he had only one thing to ask her: “How do we find my father?”

She extended her hand. “Take my hand and walk with me into the light.”

At any other time, Ben would have had a comment about how walking into the light sounded a bit ominous, but right now Ben did as she instructed, and together they walked into the crackling purple radiance beyond the viewport. He was instantly filled with an eternal, boundless bliss beyond anything he’d ever experienced. He became one with the Force, melted into it and was filled with a calm joy as vast as the galaxy itself. How long he and Rhondi hung there together, Ben would never know. It was less than an eyeblink, long as eternity.

And suddenly Ben was looking out on a narrow black mountain lake with a surface as still as glass. From one shore rose a sheer granite face, sloping toward a domed summit lit with the light of a blue sun. Along the other shore lay a boulder-strewn meadow. Directly ahead was his father standing next to Ryontarr and the Givin, looking toward a half-hidden female form floating in the silver mists that concealed the far end of the lake.

Ben released Rhondi’s hand, no longer consumed by the same sense of urgency that had been troubling him on the station. True, his father had grown perilously weak over the last few weeks, and true his own life was also in peril since the Mind Walkers were still trying to kill them. But Ben had left such mundane worries behind with his body. He’d swum in the incomprehensible infinity of the universe, and now he understood: life and death were the same because moments did not vanish, could not be consumed like air or water or nutripaste. They existed once and forever, spread across the entire continuity of the universe. Just as atoms gathered together to make matter, moments gathered in packets of minutes and hours, which mortals perceived as time passing.

But those packets were no more the essence of time than sunlight was the essence of a star, heat the essence of fire. They were simply the perceptions through which the mind of finite beings experienced the infinite. When he had time to think about it, he wondered how this would change his perceptions of his vision of Jacen, or the view of the future he’d experienced with Ender.

Now—for the given value of now—he had to talk to his father. “That was some trip,” he said with a smile.

Where Ben and Luke go on an extremely trippy...something )

[OOC: Taken and modified from Abyss by Troy Denning. Contains gratuitous icons of Christian Bale and happens at the same time as this. NFB, NFI, OOC is love.]
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Ben wondered if he should have had a sanisteam and something hot to eat before attempting what he was about to do, but it was too late now. He trudged slowly to the spot where he, Luke, and Ender had spent so many days learning from Tadar'Ro. It all looked as it had before, the time-smoothed stones warm from the sun, the taller stones casting cool shadows. But didn't feel the same to Ben.

Here was where Tadar'Ro had taught Luke, and Ender, and Ben, and Jorj Car'das.

And here was where Tadar'Ro had taught Jacen Solo.

Hello again, Jacen. )

Where Ben has a long-delayed nervous breakdown )

[OOC: And we're done with Christie Golden's Omen. Many thanks to [ profile] endsthegame for the preplay on this one. NFB, NFI, OOC given donuts. Man, I want a donut.]
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The ride towards Centerpoint Station was eventful in the way that only missions planned by Luke Skywalker and conducted by some of the most dangerous—and yes, a little bit crazy—people in the galaxy could be.

The plan was deceptively simple, and very Jedi: Let the enemy do the work. )

[OOC: Cut for ass-kicking, scenery chewing and more Skywalker family dysfunction. Dialogue adapted from Aaron Allston's Fury. NFB, NFI, void where prohibited, etc.]
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Ben had spent the week it had taken them to arrive at Kashyyyk (when he wasn't trying to warn Jaina telepathically about what Jacen'd been planning for the academy) trying to talk Jacen out of attacking the Wookiee homeworld.

He wanted his cousin dead more than just about anything in his life, but he wasn't prepared to sacrifice the rest of his family to get it.

A squadron of new Owool Interceptors flew past the viewscreen on the bridge where Ben stood a half step behind Jacen and Commander Twizzl. "What a dismal showing," he commented. "If those Owools are all they have ready, there won't be a fight. Even the Wookiees aren't that crazy."

Oh, Ben. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC is looooove. Dialogue snurched from Troy "If They Ain't Smoking, It Ain't Star Wars" Denning and his book Inferno. Warnings for violence and bad guy scenery-chewing.]
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After a few days laying low on Coruscant (if “laying low” also included a blistering lecture via comlink from his father about Why We Don’t Kill People With Lightsabers If We Are Trying to Be Stealthy), Ben borrowed a shuttle and went off to look for his cousin. As he expected, he found Jacen on the bridge of the Anakin Solo, staring out the viewport onto yet another battle scene. Clad all in black, with a long swirling cape, Jacen reminded Ben of a shorter version of their grandfather.

He was sure neither would be thrilled by the comparison.

Aides scurried around, making sure not to glance too long at Ben. They didn’t of them seemed surprised to see him, and no one offered a single word of greeting. Ben preferred it that way--it meant that Jacen was preparing to keep him around for a little bit, at least. If he was going to kill him immediately, Jacen’d be making more of an effort to put him as ease.

He imagined the lecture he would get from any one of his teachers for the cock-up he'd made of the Omas operation to keep himself properly contrite and embarrassed. Hopefully Jacen would assume it was also due to Ben being sorry about not being home to help his cousin ruin the galaxy.

The prickle at the back of Ben's neck warned him that he was being watched by something a little more potent than eyes, and the Force-nudge calling him closer to Jacen confirmed it.

Can this possibly end well? )

[OOC: NFB, NFI, dialogue still from “Inferno” by Troy “Jacen is a Tool y/y?” Denning]
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After about an hour of pacing the confines of his room, working on what he would say to his cousin, Ben finally locked the door, took a deep breath and called Jacen.

This should go well… )

[OOC: Conversation topic NFB. Dialogue snurched from "Inferno" by Troy "Icky Bug Guy" Denning. Preplayed with...myself. SHHH. I DO SO HAVE FRIENDS. Post open, door closed after the phone call.]
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After going for a long run and an even longer workout, Ben finally made it back to his room and collapsed onto his bed.

The message light was blinking on his comm.

"Finally," he muttered, waving it over to him. It'd been weeks since he'd heard anything from home. Not that he thought Jacen would call, but Master Horn had promised to keep him updated on what was happening.

He pressed the button to play the message, expelling a breath he didn't know he was holding when Master Corran Horn's image floated in front of him. A message from Jacen would have been hard to hear. And a message from his father would have been unrealistic.

Ben ignored the pang that realization gave him.

Five minutes later, after listening three times to Master Horn's message just to make sure his ears weren't messing with him, Ben began to wonder if hearing from Jacen might not have been the better choice.

"Jacen's taken the academy hostage," he repeated aloud, just in case that would help it sink in.

It didn't.

[OOC: Door's cracked, post is open!]
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The enormous room was filled with dignitaries: Galactic Senators, military leaders, beings from around the galaxy who had fought alongside Mara Jade Skywalker over the decades of her life.

Jedi Knights knelt in rows in front of the funeral pyre, meditating on the nature of the Force. Ben stood next to his father, Ender and Dean close by, as Jedi Masters swirled around them having murmured conversations.

The ceremony was running late: Aunt Leia and Uncle Han hadn't arrived yet.

But neither had Jacen.

Ben wasn't sure if he should be relieved by that part or not.

He stared straight ahead, trying not to be twitchy about all the eyes staring at him.
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The ship's presence grew stronger the closer Ben flew to the Hapes Cluster, even though Ben couldn't figure out what Lumiya could possibly want in that part of space. He couldn't feel Jacen--hardly unusual--but he could feel a trace of his mother.

Don't tell me we're both following Lumiya... )

[OOC: NFI or B due to distance. Dialogue snurched with love from Karen Traviss' Sacrifice. And we have gotten to the "sacrifice" part of the book now. Ye be warned for character death and general woe. Comments are love.
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After overhearing what was pretty much the worst conversation of his life, Ben had wandered a bit aimlessly around the island.

He didn't want to be caught crying by anyone he knew, after all.

He finally made it back to his room, went straight to his bed, and curled up with his pillow.

He might be there for a while.

[OOC: 'stablishy!]
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Ben trotted down the hallway, nervously running his hands through his hair. Jacen would be leaving soon and Ben wanted to be there on time to hear his cousin's assessment of the island.

It being Jacen, he hadn't told Ben exactly when he was leaving, of course. Ben hoped he was still in time. He reached the door slightly out of breath and reached out with the Force to see if anyone was inside.

[For the two people in the room, mwahaha.]
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After Ben's midterm, he returned to his room and flopped on the bed. It'd been a few days since he'd gotten in some quality staring-at-the-ceiling time.

The essay he'd written had brought back all of the emotions and memories of the horrible day Lekauf died (and Gejjen, yes, but that didn't seem quite as painful), and now he couldn't get the images of his friend out of his head.

He wanted his family. He couldn't believe he was actually looking forward to seeing his mom and dad.

Which, of course, was when the comlink buzzed. )
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Well, leadership class had certainly been interesting, with a discussion of how to set up your own utopian society.

Ben decided he'd get Jacen's opinion on that if there was time at home. Somehow he didn't think the girls in his group would've been onboard with the whole "assassinate the other government's leader" concept, but then, they didn't quite understand what was going on at home.

That Ben didn't really either was kind of beside the point.

As for the conversation with his grandfather...ew. Just ew. There were now a whooooole lot of mental images he didn't need.

Ben trotted up the ramp of the shuttle, nodding gravely at the GAG officer who was flying it and strapped himself in.

It was a long flight to Coruscant.

[OOC: And Ben is gone for the weekend!]
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It had been a week since Ben had sent back his initial report to Jacen and he hadn't heard any kind of response from his cousin.

That was not a good sign.

After class was over, Ben slipped into his room, made sure Wendy wasn't around, then closed the door, activated his comlink and waited for Jacen to pick up.

Jacen wasn’t entirely pleased to see him. )

[OOC: Contents of conversation with Jacen NFB, door closed, post is open!]
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Ship had been remarkably effective at pinpointing Jacen's--what had it called it?--wake, even with him being completely shut down in the Force, and it wasn't very long at all before Ben found himself ten thousand klicks in front of the Jacen's Star Destroyer, the Anakin Solo.

Riding in an ancient, sentient, Sith meditation sphere. This was going to take some explaining. "Anakin Solo, this is Ben Skywalker of the Galactic Alliance Guard. Hold your fire...please," he transmitted.

And here thar be backstory! )


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