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Bean walked away. He had memorized the route, of course, and knew how to get to the causeway without Sister Carlotta's help. But that was no consolation for the bitter disappointment of finding out that Peter was a gameplaying fool.

No one called after him, and he did not look back.

He knew the way to the causeway, but Peter's booked portal wouldn't be in for a while yet. So what was the point of waiting around for the portal to magically appear? Bean glanced up and looked at the large castle that spiked out from the hills.

What a waste of a trip. At least if they had gone to Greensboro and waited for Peter to come home during his break, he'd have been able to see the place where Ender had grown up.

He began to walk aimlessly, his instincts telling him to keep moving.

Oh, goody! Ben's favorite person! )

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Ben finally got his hand extracted from Ender's (he hadn't really been trying that hard while Alai had been visiting), and left the room to give Val (and Alai, sigh, grumble, whatever) some time to spend with Ender as well.

Ben went for a walk, got lost four times, found some food and a shower and finally made his way back to his room.

He sat down in an uncomfortable chair on the theory that if he sat on the bed he'd fall asleep for a week, and began making some long-delayed calls back to Fandom.

With his luck, time had sped up there, he'd been gone for a month, and Karla was after his head...

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They had been keeping Ender's presence secret from them all - and quite successfully. Alai should really remember never to underestimate Graff. Still, at the same time, Graff should really know better than to underestimate him...


Those thoughts didn't stay with him long; only as long as it took him to actually find the damn clinic. It was tucked away pretty well within the maze of Battle School, but Alai had lived here for a good chunk of his life and he knew where all the medical rooms were.

He opened the door with a quick flash of his hand, and came to a stop in the doorway.

Well, this won't be awkward at all. Noooo. )

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Ender had wandered off on his own for a while, which meant that Ben now had a chance to really explore Eros.

Wearing his most Earth-friendly pair of jeans and a black t-shirt (and slipping his lightsaber into his backpack just in case), Ben joined the people in the narrow hallways (careful not to bang his head on anything--half-gravity made for a really bouncy experience) and fought back the almost constant feeing of vertigo caused by the way the floors sloped downward.

He wouldn't want to spend an hour more than absolutely necessary here and he noticed a slightly green tinge on the faces of those he guessed were the most recent arrivals. But Ben loved learning about new places--even really weird ones like this--and soon he was searching for a food vendor and people to talk to.

[OOC: For the NPCs what populate Eros...]
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The email Dink had sent had included a series of attachments that took a while to decrypt and uncompress, so Ben set his computer on that task while he went for his usual morning run. The information was ready for him when he returned to his empty room. Keeping half his attention on tracking Ender's position on the island (and feeling slightly guilty about that), Ben sent a gentle Force-nudge at the radio squirrels, telling them to find somewhere else to be and clicked onto the first conversation. What he heard took his breath away.

Graff is kind of a bastard. News at 11. )

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Without his normal choice in coping--making many, many droids--Ben chose his second option: working himself into exhaustion.

Which was why he was down at the practice grounds, ready to face all comers.

This wouldn't be very interesting if no one stopped by, of course. )
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If he was being very honest with himself--which Ben tried to be--he wasn't exactly feeling like going to a dance tonight. The months he'd spent with Bean and Petra had been mentally and emotionally exhausting, and watching Achilles get executed hadn't exactly been a highlight.

And he was very, very worried about Ender. Under the guise of messing with his hair--which had gotten long and fairly stupid looking--he glanced at Ender in the mirror and waited for his roommate to say something.

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In the morning, Bean got up and posted a message to Achilles, naming a time about an hour later for their meeting. Then he wrote a brief note to Petra, just so she’d know he was thinking of her in case this was the last day of his life. Then another note to his parents, and one to Nikolai. At least if he managed to bring Achilles down with him, they’d be safe. That was something.

He walked downstairs to find Peter, Ben and Ender already waiting beside the IF car that would take them to the perimeter that had been established around the compound. The Wiggins seemed to have achieved some kind of truce, with Ender using Ben as an invisible wall between him and his brother.

They rode in near silence, because there was really nothing more to say.

At the perimeter, near the east gate, Bean found out very quickly that Peter hadn’t lied-the IF was standing behind his determination to go in with Bean’s group. Well, that was fine. Bean didn’t really need his companions to do much.

As he had requested before leaving Damascus, the IF had a uniformed doctor, two highly trained sharpshooters, and a fully equipped hazard squad, one of whom was to come in with Bean’s party.

This was always here, lala )

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Peter's email had fallen snugly into one of Bean's inboxes that morning. He'd sat there and looked it over for the shortest while, and now his fingers were typing furiously on the reply. It had been a frustrating few weeks, full of correcting plans and getting mind-boggling corrections back on his own plans.

The strangest thing hadn't been that, though. The strangest thing was that said corrections had come in the shape of idle remarks, dropped by Alai, idle remarks he knew didn't sound like him. He was starting to suspect there was someone else involved.

But now? Now, he had other concerns. He sent off the email to Peter, and closed his laptop. Here was to hoping Virlomi didn't do anything rash with her people in India.

In which Ben and Bean still don't kill each other. )

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So Bean and Petra were going to have children - even in the midst of all of the confusion, the unsolved problem of Achilles, and the puzzling, continuing absence of Ender in the light of everything Ben and Karla claimed was going on.

They'd found a clinic, though. A place that would get them the children they didn't think they could have otherwise. It'd taken a lot of poking around to get the right doctors to check to make sure none of Petra's children would have the genetic problems that Bean had - the gene that would ensure he'd be dead before he turned twenty.

The morning of her in-vitro fertilization, Petra was still in bed, sleeping off her nerves before they'd head towards the hospital. Bean wasn't. He was restless, his desk a continuous presence in his hands, and eventually he'd slipped into the living area of their two-bedroom suite - and don't ask what kind of strings he'd pulled for that - in order not to bother her.

He ran a quick check of all of his waiting emails.

Where Ben and Bean don’t kill each other. Yet. )

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